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The GeoBulb LED light bulb


February 10, 2009

The GeoBulb LED light bulb

The GeoBulb LED light bulb

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February 11, 2009 Not so long ago choosing a light bulb wasn’t too difficult. Just grab one with the desired wattage in either pearl or clear with the correct fitting for your socket. The need for energy efficient lighting means that it's no longer that simple, and given the amount of ongoing research in the area, the range of light bulb options on the supermarket shelves is set to explode. Technologies competing to replace conventional incandescent bulbs include OLED, Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs, and of course LED bulbs. LED bulbs offer improved energy efficiency, produce brilliant light and offer long life and the latest to cross our desk is the GeoBulb II from California-based LED producer C. Crane.

The GeoBulb II is the first 60-watt direct replacement, Premium Quality High Brightness (PQ-HB) bulb that uses less than 8 watts. It is the same size as a conventional incandescent bulb so it is suitable for direct replacement in any standard indoor open fixture. The Cool White color puts out more light than a standard 60-watt bulb and uses 7.5 watts. The LED GeoBulb is designed to last for three years of continuous service, which is equivalent to 20 years at about four hours per day.

Unfortunately the high cost of the GeoBulb means we are unlikely to see conventional globes disappear from shelves for some time, but for those energy conscious individuals and companies that can afford it the GeoBulb is sure to give that warm inner glow that comes with knowing you’re doing your bit for the environment.

The GeoBulb LED light bulb is available from C. Crane for USD 119.95 for an individual globe or for USD 113.95 each for orders of six or more.

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Just reviewed the GeoBulb II today at 1GreenProduct.com - http://1greenproduct.com/2009/07/15/geobulb-led-light-bulb/

Price has come down somewhat, but the bulb still costs a bundle ($90-100).

On the other hand, you can get less expensive LED bulbs from Pharox and EarthLED as discussed in my full review.

Aaron Dalton, Editor, http://1GreenProduct.com 1greenproduct

Wonderful invention. Must be promoted to conserve electricity especially in developing countries.

Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India

Anumakonda Jagadeesh

I just went to the web site and these bulbs are $24.99. Thanks for doing the article. The more we tell the story of this tachnlg the sooner it will reach affordable price points. Twenty-five bucks a pop is still a lot, but perhaps in awhile they will be really chaep (and the bulbs last a LOOOONG time).


IN a recent interview this C.Crane company said they had a farm nearby their main HQ that was doing an experiment with these bulbs. Is there a way to follow up on how that experiment is doing?

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