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Digital photo frame includes built-in clock, alarm and calendar


December 6, 2007

December 7, 2007 Genius DPF-241 digital photo frames seeks to set itself apart from the field by also offering the convenience of a built-in clock, alarm and calendar.

Designed as a two-in-one device for the office desk, the 2.4-inch 256k pixel TFT LCD screen displays photos stored on the frame’s built-in flash memory which has space for up to 30 photos.

Photos are downloaded to the frame from a PC using the included mini-USB 2.0 connection and photo compression software is also included with the frame to make sure the photos are in the supported JPEG or BMP formats.

Pairing the frame with a clock enables the device to be scheduled to turn itself on or off at selected times which will help with the estimated 6 hour running time when using the two AAA batteries to power the unit, although the frame can also be powered through the continuously via USB when connected to a PC.

For further info visit Genius.

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