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GEAR4 DUO 2.1 iPod speaker system


July 29, 2008

Gear4 Duo

Gear4 Duo

July 29, 2008 The GEAR4 DUO is a 2.1 home stereo speaker system made for, yes you guessed it, the iPod. The versatile design of the DUO speaker system, which comprises the Bass Unit and the Satellite Speaker, means both can be used together as a home stereo speaker system, or the Satellite Speaker can be un-docked resulting in a portable unit for music around the house, garden or on your travels. While docked, the Bass Unit charges up the Satellite Speaker’s rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, making it permanently ready for portable use.

The DUO pumps out a total of 38W, with a 20W subwoofer in the Bass Unit and 4 tweeters in the Satellite with GEAR4 claiming the unit delivers rich bass either docked or separate. To ensure playback is not interrupted during docking and undocking the unit makes use of GEAR4’s patented Seamless Sound Technology (SST) which promises seamless connection between the Bass Unit and the Satellite.

The Satellite features a fold-out stand, retractable iPod dock and optional Travel Pack that includes a hard, protective carry case and additional Lithium-Ion battery. The price - around the £150 mark.

For further info visit GEAR4.

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