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GE twin oven cooks two different meals at once


November 17, 2008

The GE Profile single/double wall oven

The GE Profile single/double wall oven

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November 18, 2008 If the proliferation of cooking shows on TV and celebrity chefs is anything to go by, people either like to cook or they like to watch people cooking. I fall into the latter group, but for those of you in the former GE have unveiled an oven that can cook two dishes at two temperatures at the same time. The new GE Profile 30-inch single/double wall oven fits two ovens into the space of a single standard wall oven by including a 2.8-cubic-foot lower oven and a 2.2-cu.-ft. upper oven to provide a total of 5.0-cubic-feet of capacity, making it the largest oven of its kind.

Flexibility is definitely the name of the game for the GE Profile with the lower oven featuring GE’s PreciseAir convection system and exclusive reversing-fan technology to allow optimal heat circulation and temperature accuracy to ensure evenly baked foods while a slow-cook mode offers four settings – pork, poultry, beef, and stew – for specific meals with no separate slow-cooker required. Meanwhile the upper oven allows vegetables and other savory side dishes to be prepared while the main dish bakes with no need to compromise on cooking temperatures. The upper oven also features GE pizza mode that prepares fresh or frozen pizzas to the desired level of crispness.

On the cosmetic side the single/double oven has stainless steel doors, handles and trims, with glass touch controls hidden inside the upper oven door for a sleek, modern appearance. It is this control placement in the oven door that frees up valuable space often occupied by a standard control panel so that two usable ovens are possible in the space of a single 30-inch wall oven. Sure to impress the person who gets stuck with the washing up, the self-cleaning oven racks can remain in the oven during the self-clean cycle.

The 30-inch single/double oven has an estimated retail price of USD$2799.

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