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Gametel brings gamepad action to Android and iDevices


November 20, 2011

Gametel is a wireless detachable gamepad for Android 2.1 (and up) and iDevices, that supports over 50 titles

Gametel is a wireless detachable gamepad for Android 2.1 (and up) and iDevices, that supports over 50 titles

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Swedish company Fructel will soon offer a smartphone- and tablet-compatible accessory tailored for mobile gamers, in the form of the Gametel wireless controller. Compatible with over 50 titles, the gamepad connects via Bluetooth and supports devices running Android 2.1 or higher, as well as iPhone and iPad.

Gametel can be considered as a second option for mobile gamers, given that it's very similar to the iControlPad, which was recently covered by Gizmag.

Operating via Bluetooth, the Gametel offers four navigation and four action buttons, start/select controls, and a couple of buttons controlled with the index fingers. Unlike the iControlPad and Xperia Play, analogue controllers are missing. The universal phone holder at the top is retractable and features a rubber grip.

Provided your phone comes with TV out, you can also use Gametel as a wireless controller and play games on a larger screen. It's additionally possible to pair the phone with up to four controllers, for multiplayer gaming. Charged via a USB cable, the gamepad comes with a built-in battery reportedly good for up to nine hours of gameplay.

According to Fructel, there are over 50 titles supported now, including the likes of Asphalt 5 HD, Cordy, Guns'n'Glory, and MotoX Mayhem. Gametel is expected to be available in December and will retail at around GBP49.95 (US$78).


yeah like another device that i recently bought and guess what ITS DOESNT WORK!!!!with i-devices anyway :|hope this one will work but i doubted:(

Valentin Rusu

If you want to play games, buy a portable game machince. Yeah lets miss calls, rundown the battery and do everything else than use it as a phone. I\'ll pass.


Jesus dude, what a cynic! You come on a gaming website to an article talking about a gamepad for phones and then spend the time to bitch about missing calls. Get a life man and stop complaining about every little thing! I always hated the word \"troll\" and swore I would never use it but in your case man it REALLY fits the bill!

Stephen Kucharski
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