Microsoft had more than just new consoles at E3 2016: The biggest new Xbox games

After a big leak just hours before Microsoft took to the stage in Los Angeles, we already knew that it had brand new hardware on the way in the form of a slimmed down console called the Xbox One S, as well as a more powerful, VR-ready system set to land next year. Thankfully, the company also had plenty of exciting games to show off, with a focus on co-op gaming and cross-platform play.Read More

God of War, VR and Kojima: Sony at E3 2016

Last week, Sony confirmed the existence of a more powerful version of its PS4 console, named the PlayStation 4K. It also confirmed that the system wouldn't be shown off at E3, leaving us wondering what the company's presentation would contain. Well, despite the absence of the new hardware, the event didn't disappoint, with a host of new game reveals, as well as more in-depth looks at previously-announced titles. Read on for our roundup of the biggest news from Sony at this year's E3.Read More

Pong Project brings classic Atari game back into the real world

The classic Atari arcade game Pong took the sport of tennis and transplanted it into the virtual world, becoming the world's first sports arcade video game in the process. Now a small team in Uruguay has done the reverse, taking Pong and bringing it back into the real world with a physical version that actually more closely resembles air hockey than tennis.Read More

Is Trafalgar Square set to be transformed into a crazy golf course?

If you're a Londoner, you're likely pretty used to seeing some odd things in Trafalgar Square. Like the giant blue cockerel sculpture that sat on the fourth plinth until a little over a year ago, for example. Now, a new project is looking to transform the famous landmark into a colorful crazy golf course featuring designs from renowned artists, designers and architects.Read More

Nintendo's next console will launch globally in March 2017

After months of speculation, Nintendo has confirmed that its mysterious console, codenamed NX, won't see the light of day in 2016 after all. The news was delivered alongside the company's latest financial results, while a little more information about the much anticipated new Legend of Zelda game was also revealed.Read More


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