GAMEROX gaming chair gets kids moving while sitting down


December 14, 2008

The GAMEROX video gaming chair

The GAMEROX video gaming chair

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December 15, 2008 If there’s one thing most parent’s hate seeing, it’s their offspring slumped in from of the TV, video game controller in hand, ruining their posture and getting fatter by the second. This is one of the many reasons Nintendo’s Wii has proven so popular and now a company with a new concept in game seating is also hoping to do its bit for poor childhood posture and inactivity by getting kids moving and improving their posture while they sit playing video games. The GAMEROX chair is designed to promote movement during game play to deliver health benefits through improved circulation, movement and exercise by taking advantage of children’s natural tendency to move with the onscreen action.

The brain-child of designer Tim Briggs who came up with the idea after watching his younger cousin playing computer games, the GAMEROX is suitable for any console and has been developed for children aged 7-12 with a recommended maximum weight loading of 175lbs, (80kg).

The futuristic looking cushioned chair comprises a pivot and pitch feature that allows for smooth roll, pitch and yaw movement along XYZ axes. Travel in each axis is limited to provide a safe ergonomic range of movement and on certain axes the movement is dynamically dampened to provide increased resistance towards the end of the movement range thereby reducing the potential strain and impact on the body when reaching the range limits.

The profile of the cushion seat encourages correct central positioning on the chair and provides a dynamic upright sitting position similar to a horse riding posture, which the company says is good for core stability, muscle training and posture development because gamers rely on their own muscles to support themselves rather than relying on a lumbar support. Additionally anti-skid cushion feet ensure the base of the chair stays stationary while the player moves around and a special tip back preventer leg stops the player from tipping over backwards when gameplay gets intense.

As well as promoting movement while gaming to improve circulation and aid in muscle and skeletal development the GAMEROX also assists in the development of coordination, balance and spatial awareness... and it looks like a whole lot of fun!

There is now word on price yet, but the GAMEROX chair will be hitting the market in the “near future”.

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I want an adult version of this chair.

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