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GAEMS G155 case keeps your console protected and ready to play


January 17, 2012

The GAEMS G155 case protects and secures your game console, and provides an HD LED screen ...

The GAEMS G155 case protects and secures your game console, and provides an HD LED screen while on the go

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Home video game consoles can provide endless entertainment, but sadly aren't the most portable of devices and can be fairly fragile to boot. Traveling gamers know what a pain it can be to try and haul gaming equipment around for long trips, and that's without trying to find a TV to use wherever they go. GAEMS, Inc. may have a solution, though, with its rugged G155 case that can secure an Xbox 360 or PS3 Slim along with the provided HD LED screen in one tidy, portable package.

Billed as a "self-contained" personal gaming and entertainment environment," the GAEMS G155 is designed to keep a game console protected from damage while on the go. The hard shell case is designed to block minor bumps and scrapes while a foam base and straps keep an Xbox 360 or PS3 Slim firmly in place. Latches on the outside can also be locked for extra security, and the case complies with TSA guidelines for air travel.

The GAEMS G155 hard shell case is designed to prevent damage from minor bumps and scrapes,...

Most importantly, the case contains a 15.5-inch LED monitor with a 720p resolution, 60 Hz refresh rate, plus an HDMI input. Speakers are provided on the side of the screen, but there are also two headphone jacks on the front for you and a friend to game privately. The leftover space inside fits two storage bags that can hold controllers, cables, and any accessories. All you need to do is plug in a power supply and you've got your own personal gaming station wherever you go. GAEMS has teamed up with Microsoft Retail stores to create a bundle that comes with the G155 as well as an Xbox 360 with a 250 GB hard drive.

The GAEMS G155 is available at various retailers and online from US$269.

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"The GAEMS G155 is available at various retailers and online from US$269"

Sold exclusively to the rich and/or stupid.

17th January, 2012 @ 02:27 pm PST

More expensive than the console to put in it. Waste of money. Haven't stayed in a hotel in two years that doesn't have a TV with an HDMI port anyways.

Waste of money when priced like this.

Facebook User
18th January, 2012 @ 03:44 am PST
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