FrogPad2 to take the reins from iFrog one-handed keyboard


December 30, 2013

The FrogPad2, seen here in basic silver, will come with interchangeable covers

The FrogPad2, seen here in basic silver, will come with interchangeable covers

Anyone who uses the keypad of a smartphone is by definition a typist. A great many of those people, however, have never learned touch-typing. Therefore, they don't really need that low, wide QWERTY keyboard, do they? The folks at FrogPad realized that, when they first introduced their compact iFrog one-handed Bluetooth keyboard. Now they're about to release its successor, the FrogPad2.

Like the iFrog, the FrogPad2 is intended to allow mobile device-users to type with one hand (left or right) while using the other on a mouse, joystick or touchscreen. It can also be utilized by people who have limited use of one hand, or by desktop users who simply want maximize their efficiency. According to designer Linda Marroquin, users should "quickly and easily" be able to attain a typing speed of up to 100 words-per-minute.

Although the FrogPad2's overall layout isn't exactly the same as that of the iFrog, it's still based around making the 15 most often-used letters in the English alphabet the easiest to access.

Some of its new features include backlit keys, one-button switching between devices, and programmable hotkeys. It's powered by a lithium battery, and is reportedly compatible with all major PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones.

There's currently no word on pricing or availability, although more information should be coming as of January 1st, when the pre-order campaign starts. Potential buyers might also want to check out the Kee4 one-handed keyboard, that has just four keys.

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Should sell well among the iPhone type keyboard users - already used to 2-3 clicks to find the right letter. Anyone even close to a 'toucher' on a qwerty keyboard will not be so enthusiastic for a while.

The Skud

Having to make several successive keypresses just to get one character is incredibly inefficient and sloooooowwwwwwwwww. If you're holding a mobile phone in your hand it perhaps makes sense to type one-handed, but otherwise why slow down?

Much better to get used to one of these, sit waaay back from the screen, nice and relaxed, and type FAST:

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