Fresh Air Plus: The relationship-saving toilet seat


August 6, 2014

The Fresh Air Plus toilet seat sucks unseemly odors directly from the toilet bowl

The Fresh Air Plus toilet seat sucks unseemly odors directly from the toilet bowl

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When our editorial team first assigned me this story about a toilet seat with a fan built in, I thought two things. First, why just the one fan? My efforts in the office bathroom are worthy of a whole fan club. After reading a little further, I then started thinking our editorial team are simply cowards, lacking the courage to bring up their grievances in a face to face setting. Either way, here ’tis – the Fresh Air Plus toilet seat with a built-in fan.

Coming fitted with an array of sparkly lights for the easily entertained and a gently closing lid to cut down on toilet lid closing noises, the Fresh Air Plus' main feature is a fan that turns on when somebody sits on the throne to suck your stinky toilet air out through a tube that you’re supposed to poke through the wall. Howdy neighbor!

The Fresh Air Plus replaces your standard toilet seat, with installation also requiring it to be plugged into an electrical outlet and the exhaust hose being connected to a vent that expels air outside. "It's that easy!" proclaims its creator in the infomercial-style video below, but that last point could pose problems for those with brick houses or those whose smallest room in the house isn't located against an exterior wall.

In the video, the Fresh Air team also point out a further possible benefit of the localized butt-fan over the typical whole-bathroom exhaust fan. Unlike ceiling fans that evacuate heated or air conditioned air from the house, raising your heating and cooling bills, the Fresh Air Plus only removes the rancid air from the toilet bowl.

God knows what manner of paint-peeling toilet tragedy caused Fresh Air Plus inventor “Adam” to fire up Solidworks and invent this thing but we're betting his man has seen – and smelled – some crap.

Adam and his team are putting together a Kickstarter campaign to get Fresh Air Plus up and running. Your business can be their business, as they used to say in the plumbing trade. As for me, I think it’s clear I need to have a frank and forthright discussion with my colleagues.

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Nah. I'm to proud. I'd rig it to blow out straight into the dining room.


I'm with JweenyPwee on this one. There is an old Icelandic proverb (or if there isn't there should be,) "Every dog likes the smell of it's own farts!"

It's an excellent way of maintaining your own personal space and done in concert with others can be great fun. I well remember one particularly trying time in hospital when three of us cleared out all the visitors by rehearsing the baked bean scene from 'Blazing Saddles.' In fact we made Blazing Saddles look like a half hearted pastiche of our performance.

Long may your bum-bags reek Loz!

Stuart Wilshaw

Crikey! If your poo is smellable without sticking your face inside the toilet bowl, you need a better diet.


This an invention that I've seen more that 10 years back


I think most bathrooms have air vents to remove air from a bathroom. Perhaps it could be made where it could use existing air vents?

I think it is a good way to 'clear the air' about restrooms. :)


The TOTO toilets already do that.


I'm imagining the potential college applications - frat house "smell wars", "gas attacks" instead of panty raids on the sorority houses, and the like. This could be a winner!


Trying to make this a "standard in every household"? Really? This is the most ludicrous idea I've seen yet. Yet it will be sold to a lot of fools. It's what makes this country so awesome.


More than 30 years ago I tried to market a similar device of French origin that had two advantages over this one - didn't require a mains hook-up (worked on batteries) or an exhaust hose (used an activated charcoal disposable cartridge). Never went anywhere.

Antonio Vigario

As a landlord I have to comply with UK regulations demanding timed air extraction fans in bathrooms, even if there is an opening window. Their purpose is not to extract smells, but to exhaust moist air and thereby prevent condensation. Condensation leads to the growth of moulds, which cause respiratory diseases. If you want to conserve the heat in the extracted air, coaxial fans with heat exchangers are available, however most landlords and householders think short term and never fit them. Making their use mandatory in cold climates would be a good thing. Silly toilets like this one are really only sold in Japan where the culture is incredibly uptight about crap and bodily smells. A better bet would be a bidet, so you can wash your ass after toileting. Toilet paper only does about 50% of the job.

Dirk Scott

Replace your light fitting with a light/fan combo, and have both turning on and off at the same time from your existing switch. Too easy DIY.


Are you couth or uncouth?


I saw one years ago which fit onto the bowl fill tube to extract through the water holes around the underside of the rim.

Gregg Eshelman

If you have a bad day you just read some article from Loz!

I hope to get that shiny stars replaced with street glow and urgently necessary some Spinners.

I would need a spring to get the board up.

That would be the perfect thing.

Thanks Loz and come one inventors!!! Be real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Look up Toiletfriend made in South Africa. It draws air through the flushing pipe, and discharges either outside or into the wastewater pipe. Can be easily retrofitted to most toilets. In SA they fit it for you, but kits can be ordered internationally.


I am surprised by ignorance of the author of this article. How come you allowed it to appear in your Gizmag magazine. It has been mentioned as invention while it was invented in Japan and has existed over 10 or more years. It is made by Malaysian companies also. It is marketed in USA by TOTO company of Japan as "Toto washlets". Can be purchased on Amazon. Just click "washlets" and you will find dozens of them. This article raises questions about the credibility of other articles on this magazine which we adore and would like to read about new developments . Loz must apologize and the so called inventor Adams must be sued for fraud.


Old news in South Africa:

Nols Smit

Don't most bathrooms have fans in them?

Terry Zolinski

Just wanted to take a minute to dispel any concerns about the Fresh Air Plus. It is very easy to install, and if that is a concern for anyone, please visit to learn more about how easy the process actually is. Thanks!

Adam Payz
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