French "Bubble Hotel" lets you sleep with nature


May 29, 2012

A hotel in France is offering guests the chance to stay in fully-furnished, clear-plastic bubbles and sleep amongst nature

A hotel in France is offering guests the chance to stay in fully-furnished, clear-plastic bubbles and sleep amongst nature

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Last year, designer Pierre Stephane Dumas unveiled his line of room-sized, transparent bubbles that allow people to sleep with almost nothing blocking their view of nature. His goal was to create a portable space that was both comfortable while giving the feeling of being out in the middle of any natural environment - and without disturbing the area very much. As enticing as those might be though, not many people are going to be able to afford the €7766 (US$10,987) price tag just to buy one for their weekend camping trip. Luckily for those keen on a see-through sleeping experience, the Attrap’Rêves hotel has recently opened in France to offer visitors a range of fully-furnished bubbles in different scenic locales to use in place of a typical hotel room.

The Attrap’Rêves has locations in Allauch and Puget Ville with a third coming soon to La Bouilladisse. The bubbles are all located within a short walking distance from the nearest village and a main building, which provides meals, telescopes with star charts, an outdoor jacuzzi, and other amenities. Each bubble is set up in a forested area on a flat, rigid floor near a wooden outhouse. The only way to get to any bubble is by walking down it's individual access road, which ensures guests aren't disturbed. Every bubble has been situated in an area with a particularly scenic viewpoint - some of the bubbles in Allauch overlook the nearby harbor, for example.

Each bubble has a diameter of 4 meters (13 feet) and a ceiling height of 3 meters (10 feet), along with an airlock. A silent blower keeps the space inflated, while constantly recycling the air inside. The bubbles are furnished with a king-sized bed, nightstands, reading lamps, and a set of table and chairs, all of which have been designed to fit different styles for guests to choose from. Guests can also choose between bubbles that are fully or partially transparent, depending on how much privacy they would like. And even though they're out in the woods, each bubble has electricity and a sink/shower area with running water.

More importantly though, staying in a bubble will cost about as much as any other hotel room. Prices start at €109 (US$137) and range up to €499 (US$625) depending on what location, season, and amenities you choose for your visit.

Source: Attrap'Rêves

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This just seems all too WRONG! Is this "Bubleboy" camping? a hammock between two trees is how I go about it ...


A tree house version might be fun; say in a rainforest. Good for keeping the bugs out.

Not real friendly for those wanting to sleep-in though.

Mighty tacky interior...velvet heart pillows? Barf.

Umm, how do you you avoid suffocation? Or, um, ventilate after beans ;)


Great for our rainforests as one can sleep under the stars and not get bitten by bugs, snakes and other creatures of the rainforest.

Nantha Nithiahnanthan

$11,000 does not really sound that expensive, especially if you do a lot of traveling and want to enjoy "camping" under the stars.

I do have one question though. How much protection does it provide again larger predators? Could it withstand an attack by grizzly bears? If so, where can I buy one?


Beyond those sound remarks, I would only question the ability to sleep under a heavy rain. How many decibels inside ? Moreover, you should leave the place before the sun begins to shine. Ventilation should really be strong to compensate the greenhouse effect... Still, living in France, I'll store the adresses & consider the experience !


How long before U.V.'s turns it to yellow? Be fun to spend a night in,at the right location.


I've always thought bubbles to camp in would be perfect. I would think that it would be a nice and toasty in the winter without heating. Ventilation driven by the sun should be no problem either.

Robert Fox

If we can make the bubble more a giant hamster ball, then we can roll it along on the trail then into the lake for some glass bottom viewing of local marine life. We can even build in an air lock system to dock to our car. That way we can get to nature, sleep in it, explore it, and get back home without ever setting foot on actual dirt or coming into contact with even one microbe. Nature sanitized.

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