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Super slides for superyachts


August 20, 2012

The Freestyle Cruiser is a giant, inflatable water slide aimed at the superyacht market

The Freestyle Cruiser is a giant, inflatable water slide aimed at the superyacht market

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How many times have you been aboard some billionaire’s superyacht only to be disappointed because there wasn’t a giant, inflatable slide hanging off the stern? Yes, we’ve all been there. Now, Freestyle Slides comes to the aid of the embarrassed super rich with its line of bespoke Freestyle Cruiser PVC slides that give a hundred million dollar yacht that little something extra – in this case, it’s an inflatable, 45-degree water slide with a one-story drop.

Putting an inflatable slide on a superyacht for a bit of fun is no off-the-shelf affair. Superyachts aren’t built on assembly lines, so there’s no way to design a one-size-fits-all slide – when your clients have more money than a small country, however, you don’t have to. That said, the Freestyle Cruiser slides do come in two general styles. The No Leg Support version (NLS) is for hanging off decks that are five meters (16.4 ft) high or shorter, and is held up by its own inflatable strength and guide ropes. The Leg Support version (LS), as the name implies, has an inflatable leg under the slide to give it added support and is for decks over five meters high.

Designed to hook onto a rail or stairway or be secured to the deck, the Freestyle Cruiser's features include inflatable, non-skid steps, a removable safety net to prevent jumping, and an extra-slippery plastic coating on the slide to speed your way down. It also has a built-in water spray system to avoid the unpleasantness of bare skin coming into contact with PVC that’s been baking in the Mediterranean sun off the Cote d’Azur, as well as ensuring a satisfying splash on hitting the water. You can even have your ship’s name or a logo printed on the slide at no extra charge.

The Freestyle Cruiser inflates in about 20 minutes

The slides are made of 28-ounce Firmatex-reinforced PVC panels that are sewn, heat- and RF-welded and glued, and meet or exceed US, EU and Australian inflatable standards. Each one comes with a pair of electric pumps that can inflate or deflate the Freestyle Cruiser in about 20 minutes. They are not, however, lightweight. The company recommends that your superyacht have a crane (and which one doesn’t?) to help the crew lift the slide into position.

Because each slide is bespoke, pricing is not available, but it's likely that if you have to ask, you don’t have a superyacht.

The video below provides more information.

Source: Freestyle Slides via Born Rich

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i can see the next james bond,

we are going to kill you Mr Bond, by letting the sharks eat you, but you can have fun and slide down the slide 1st.

20th August, 2012 @ 06:18 pm PDT

It just needs an elevator to lift the sliders back up to the top :)

Sonya Jones
21st August, 2012 @ 03:11 pm PDT

Hmmm, I wonder if they make one of these for my Wilderness 12 foot Kayak?

21st August, 2012 @ 10:51 pm PDT
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