Ford's Jeep Wrangler: The Troller TR-X concept


October 29, 2012

The TR-X concept

The TR-X concept

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Ever wonder what Ford's answer to the Jeep Wrangler would look like? A lot like the Wrangler itself with some Toyota FJ Cruiser thrown in, as it turns out. The Troller TR-X is a rugged 4x4 from Ford Brazil's Design Center created for the São Paulo Motor Show.

Brazil has really seen some impressive utility vehicle concepts this year. The Troller TR-X joins previous reveals like the Nissan EXTREM and Volkswagen Taigun.

The TR-X was designed to celebrate and communicate its rugged purpose, rather than hiding it in a pretty package a la the Land Rover DC-100. The vehicle's muscular stance, bulging hood and beefy tires convey a sense of utter disdain and impatience for paved drives – this thing is clearly meant to go where major roads don't. The green paint serves to reinforce the car's connection with the untamed wild.

"We were trying to create a concept that symbolized the essence of Troller. It is a brand that is known for its tradition in the off-road world with the T4. We've replicated Troller DNA in the TR-X in this robust and stylish design,'' said João Marcos Ramos, Ford Brazil's chief designer.

Troller is a Brazilian off-road vehicle manufacturer that Ford purchased in 2007.

While Ford doesn't get into any mechanical details about the TR-X and doesn't appear to have any production plans at present, the latest iteration of Troller's main 4x4, the 2013 Troller T4, has a surer future. The new model also appeared at the São Paulo show.

Thanks to a compact face and round headlamps, the T4 looks even more similar to a Wrangler than the TR-X. While it's not as overtly burly and off-road-hungry as the newer concept, the T4 is every bit as prepared for rugged driving thanks to a standard snorkel, rustproof composite body and steel skid plates. It is powered by a 165-hp 3.2-liter turbo engine.

Source: Troller via Autoblog

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3.2 liter turbo that only produces 165 HP? Come on. Any old 1.5 liter 4-banger can do that!

Clay Jones

They would have a winner if they slapped in the diesel engines from the Ranger. The 2.2L diesel make 150hp and 276ft-lbs of torque. Plenty of power and would get decent mileage. Jeep had backorders in the U.S. when they put the 2.8L diesel in the Liberty. Catch a clue FORD!


Looks like a plastic model kit.

Lewis Cook

the worst Jeep concept vehicle in a long long time. Do the Hurricane or the late 90's Jeepster concept... people would be lining up to buy them and that goes for the younger generation that isn't even driving much anymore ! ughh.. yeah its a troll alright. Modernize the AMC Eagle even ! (just bought one with 44,000 miles stored indoors...)

Bruce Romano

"3.2 liter turbo that only produces 165 HP? Come on. Any old 1.5 liter 4-banger can do that!"

It's a diesel, genius.

Howard Hicks
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