Ford showcases tricked-out Transit Van


April 11, 2014

Ford has unveiled the Transit Skyliner Concept luxury van

Ford has unveiled the Transit Skyliner Concept luxury van

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The Ford Transit Van is an automotive classic, having been on sale since since 1965. Despite that, its popular image is one of a battered old van lugging kit around. Now though, a new concept has given the Transit an "ultra-premium" makeover befitting of its 50th birthday next year.

Recent Ford concept cars have included an S-MAX that can monitor the driver's heart-rate and a C-MAX with solar panels on the roof. The Transit Skyliner Concept luxury van is aimed at showing the vehicle's capability and flexibility, as well as the potential for using the Transit as a means of high-end transport. Described by Ford as a "private jet on wheels," the van's interior can be transformed to meet the different needs of its users, using a smartphone app.

The van boasts four different modes. The Theater Mode has the vehicle's four reclinable seats facing a 52-inch retractable Stewart projection screen. The seats can be turned around to face each other for face-to-face conversation in its Business Mode. A Reception Mode allows the sliding door to be opened right up to 4 ft (1.2 m) wide allowing for easy access and use for entertaining whilst parked at an event, and its Travel Mode allows passengers to adjust the seats and footrests for comfort and solitude.

The smartphone app is used to control the entire interior of the van, such as the seats and the lighting. A Focal Utopia 7.2 surround sound entertainment system with custom-made speakers is included, as well as a KVH DIRECTV satellite to provide HDTV and a Kaleidescape media server that can store over 300 Blu-ray movies or 1,000 DVDs. The van also has a built-in bar and custom luggage that matches the vehicle’s leather-trimmed seats.

Outside, the Transit Skyliner features a custom silver metallic paint scheme with contrasting lower trim, chrome highlights and custom Forgiato wheels. It is powered by a Transit 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine.

The Transit Skyliner Concept was design in collaboration with Galpin Auto Sports and will be on display at the New York International Auto Show on April 16.

Source: Ford

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The best thing about the tricked-out van is not the tricks, but the fact that the roof is raised. One of the big selling points of the Sprinter is the ability to get inside without being hunched over. Maybe Ford has finally gotten their head out of the box.

Bruce H. Anderson
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