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November 4, 2013

EcoTrek adds serious mileage to the Ford F-350

EcoTrek adds serious mileage to the Ford F-350

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Ford is planning on hitting this week's SEMA Show with a full slate of pimped-out vehicles. Its fleet of customized trucks includes a long-range, overland survivalist shelter, several tamer, outdoor-specific F150s, and a Super Duty "High Roller" that would fit naturally in any valet parking lot.

The Survivor: EcoTrek Ford F-350

It's long been theorized that cockroaches would be the last organism standing in a post-apocalyptic world. Well, if that ever happens, they'll likely be joined by the family that prepped with an Ford F-350 by EcoTrek (seen at the top of the page). This survivor is designed to get out of dodge and keep right on rolling, without ever stopping for gas. It's outfitted with a 50-gallon (189 L) fuel tank under the bed and a removable 75-gallon (284 L) tank inside the bed for up to 1,800 miles (2,900 km) of range from the 6.7-liter V8 engine. When the needle finally does droop to "E", the truck can be fueled up with diesel, biodiesel, algae-based biodiesel or any combination thereof.

While you can drive for nearly 2,000 miles, you don't have to. The EcoTrek is actually a rugged, off-road camper, featuring a roof shelter, stoves and a refrigerator. Its solar panels offer an integrated off-grid power solution. The interior even comes complete with sleeping bags, backpacks and storage lockers. Pack some canned food inside, top off the massive fuel system, and this one is prepped to escape and survive at a moment's notice.

The EcoTrek's 20-inch wheels can be shod in either street or off-road tires, depending upon which direction impending doom points you. A 9-inch lift kit from Bulletproof Suspension lets it roll over rocks and ruins with ease.

The Weekend Warrior: Adventure Edition F-150

As romantic as escaping worldly evils in a rolling backcountry campsite is, most folks would be content with spending a weekend hunting or fishing with the family. That's the type of outdoors JR Consulting had in mind when it designed the Adventure Edition F-150. It brainstormed ideas via social media with fans of the Sportsman Channel and added an 11,000-lb (4,990-kg) Superwinch, 6-inch lift kit, Dick Cepek all-terrain wheels and tires and TruckVault locked storage. To cut down on those "Are we at the cabin yet" moments, the Adventure Edition includes a Maxxsonics custom audio system with MB Quart components. It also has custom bumpers and fender flares.

The Hunter: F-150 Backwoods Sportsman

Similar in objective to the Adventure Edition, but aimed more squarely at hunters and fishermen, the Backwoods Sportsman is an upgraded F-150 designed to haul gear and kills around the most rugged terrain. It's hoisted on a Skyjacker Suspensions 6-inch lift kit and has a set of rugged bumpers from Fab Fours Inc. The BFGoodrich tires around the BMF wheels can leave footprints in all kinds of tough terrain. The Backwoods Sportsman also has TruckVault storage lockers.

The Split Personality: Super Duty High Roller

All the previously detailed trucks are designed to get dirty, but you might just want to keep the Super Duty High Roller, created by Cars by Kris, clean. Then again, you might not – this design combines off-road grit with high-class luxury. For the former, the 6.7-liter PowerStroke diesel powertrain is outfitted with a Banks Power Ram-Air intake, Banks Straight-Shot water-methanol injection system, Banks iQ Man-Machine Interface and MagnaFlow exhaust, resulting in more power and efficiency. The Toyo Tires Open Country tires hug the 22-inch, 8-lug American Force Wheels and the truck greets bumps with upgraded suspension from Carli Suspension.

The High Roller earns the luxury half of its dual-meaning moniker with an upgraded cabin. QuietRIDE Solutions noise insulation seals out the determined growl of the big, ol' diesel. The occupants, meanwhile, are wrapped in custom upholstery and enjoy custom floor mats under their feet.

The Low Rider: Fatal Clothing F-150

Sporting more than just a new set of duds from California clothing company Fatal, this F-150 is a full-blown machine of mayhem thanks to tuning by Hulst Customs. The Whipple Industries twin-screw supercharger and CGS Motorsports performance exhaust up the 6.2-liter V8's output to a body panel-rattling 650 hp. Aesthetics wise, it includes a custom two-tone exterior with Fatal Clothing graphics and badging, a body kit, and Katzkin leather interior with Fatal artwork. The truck stands on 24-inch MHT DUB wheels rolled in Falken tires.

Ford will show these trucks, along with 10 custom Transit Connect vans and numerous other models, at the SEMA Show, which gets started on Tuesday.

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The EcoTrek should be able to run on unmodified rendered fat.


The F350 is hands down a way better choice for folks fighting zombies on "The Walking Dead" than the Hyundai. Sorry couldn't resist. Imagine this all tricked out for the zombie apocalypse.


Like Eco Trek model best, add armor to body & sensors & PA system & lightbar Love the multi fuel engine mode

Stephen Russell

While the Eco-Trek F-350 is pretty awesome, it needs a snorkel for deep fording with the gearbox and axle breathers plumbed to it to be really ready for an "escape". There wasn't any indication of price but I suspect that it would cost something close to the price of a house.

History Nut
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