Ford Fiesta gets mirror-mounted rearview camera


October 14, 2010

Mirror-mounted rearview camera now an option on Ford Fiesta in the U.K.

Mirror-mounted rearview camera now an option on Ford Fiesta in the U.K.

The Ford Fiesta is the latest vehicle to offer a rear facing camera screen integrated into its rearview mirror with Ford U.K. offering it as an option on all models from Edge to Titanium. It's one of those clever ideas that seems obvious once you see it, and it's slowly gaining traction. Mazda brought the system to the U.S. in 2007 and Toyota introduced it into Europe last year on the Corolla Verso. Ford also has the tech available on other models.

U.K. buyers will need to part with GPB475 for the option which is bundled with automatic windscreen wipers, automatic headlamps and rear parking sensors.


If you can\'t back up in a Ford Fiesta without a rear-view camera, you probably don\'t need to be driving at all..

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There\'s not enough information above, but, yep its a smart idea. Personally, I would of used the readily available \'mirror-tv monitor\' technology, as used for larger screens as employed in kitchens and bathrooms in the more tech fuelled homes.

Mirror-TV-Monitor technology has been around for more than a decade, of where the the unit when off works like a conventional mirror, and when on, it displays in the dedicated area a digital output. The display is like a normal TV screen, but, has a shine to its surface.

Initially, people would utilise this unit in hotel lobbys, disguised as traditional mirrors, to advertise there hotel products, or have Sky News constantly playing. The frames come in various shapes and designs.

Personally, with its dual purpose, I would definitely use it as a rearview mirror, and in the bathroom.

Harpal Sahota
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