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May 30, 2011

The Origami Phone concept design by Chengyuan Wei

The Origami Phone concept design by Chengyuan Wei

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We've seen the cardboard record player and cardboard USB sticks, now another design that thinks outside the (cardboard) box - the foldable phone concept. Created by Chengyuan Wei, the Origami phone handset comes flat and like a pop-up book, transforms into a 3D handset with a few simple folds ... oh, and it's recyclable.

Wei came up with the concept after taking apart a telephone handset and realizing just how simple it is. Wei considered the fact that the market is flooded with new smart phones and mobile phone concepts, yet we haven't seen much in the way of radical design changes when it comes to your simple home or office phone handset. Thus the Origami Phone concept was born.

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Why are these cardboard designs coming out, I cannot understand.. There\'s zero protection against water, no practical use, limited functionality and no reason for any semi-intelligent being to buy a carboard phone, usb or anything for that matter. Even cardboard shoe boxes are not the best choice.

Renārs Grebežs

You guys are kidding, right? This isn\'t meant to replace your Android, it\'s a viable concept. It would be cool to have a cardboard phone, just \"because\". You\'re totally over thinking this :-D


This isn\'t the first disposable phone Idea, I still want to know how the phone companies will be able to manage signal and phone numbers.

Paul Ensign

@ Paul Ensign re \"I still want to know how the phone companies will be able to manage signal and phone numbers. \"

They will use cardboard electricity and cardboard radio waves.... otherwise the cardboard phone won\'t work.

Actually this is quite a clever idea.... a proper phone that goes in the back pocket.

I hope it\'s not cardboard tho - because a thin flexible plastic \"flat phone\" would be a great thing, stuck to the wall, and pops into shape when you pull it free.

Mr Stiffy

phone vending's the pay phone of the future. Probably with a full charge and unlimited usage during that one charge. Outgoing only or maybe with a number that starts with a "temporary" place code and is rotated through once every six months.

Well, that's the way I would do it.

Bryan Paschke

A prepaid phone card that is actually a phone-card!

Gregg Eshelman
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