Floppytable keeps the floppy disk alive in coffee table form


November 29, 2012

Floppytable takes the design of a floppy disk and turns it into a usable and visually stimulating coffee table

Floppytable takes the design of a floppy disk and turns it into a usable and visually stimulating coffee table

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Floppy disks are a rare sight these days, having been superseded by much more efficient data storage media. Still, they enjoyed a long life, becoming commercially available in 1971 and still being used 30 years later. Now, they're enjoying retirement, but just because a product is no longer cutting edge doesn't mean its better qualities should be dismissed out of hand. And floppy disks have certain design qualities that, as it turns out, make for a rather interesting coffee table.

Created by Neulant van Exel, a Berlin-based design duo comprised of an architect and a sculptor, Floppytable sees the floppy disk blown up to epic proportions given a set of sturdy legs. The result is a rather attractive (though admittedly industrial) coffee table which would make the perfect centerpiece to any computer geek's living room.

The devil is in the detail though, and Floppytable has all the small elements that those of us who used floppy disks for many years will enjoy noticing. The thin metal shutter has made it in to the design of the table, and it actually moves from side to side to hide/reveal a secret compartment perfect for storing remote control units. Also present are the arrows and notches that most people probably didn't even pay attention to when they formed part of the disk. It's a little harder not to notice them when they're an integral part of your coffee table.


Made from a combination of hot-rolled steel and stainless steel Floppytable measures 70 cm wide x 45 cm tall x 65 cm deep (28" x 18" x 26") and is available to buy as a special order from Neulant van Exel for €720 (US$930) plus shipping.

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Well, technically it's a Diskette table, not a Floppy Disk. Either way - Real Cool!!!!!


Does it come with a set of huge labels?


...and if you need to read any data off of your coffee table you can just plug it into the Harwell Dekatron computer in the huge floppy slot..It only takes 2 people!

Doc Rock

What about the write protect slider and HD sense hole?

Gregg Eshelman

How about adding a dining table made from a scaled up 5 inch floppy?

a lazy susan made from a tape reel?

wall art from blown-up punch cards?

there is a rich creative seam to be mined here!

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