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Float helps you unwind in water without an isolation tank


July 3, 2014

Float is a simple product designed to aid total relaxation of body and mind

Float is a simple product designed to aid total relaxation of body and mind

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In an increasingly busy and relentless world where information is flowing all around us, it's more important than ever to switch off once in a while. There are many ways to relax, but floating in water is one of the best ways of completely and utterly drifting away. Which is where Float – designed to make floating in water a more pleasurable experience – could prove useful.

Float is a water therapy product originating from Iceland. It's designed to aid total relaxation of body and mind by taking the effort out of floating on water. You can probably get a similar experience by floating in the sea, as salt water is denser than freshwater. But floating mindlessly in the sea carries the risk of being taken away from shore by an outgoing tide. As Float is designed to be used in a swimming pool, it's likely to be a safer alternative.

Float comes in two parts; a cap to keep your head buoyant and out of the water, and support aids that strap to your legs. The cap is made from neoprene, Lycra and polyethylene foam, while the support aids are made from neoprene, Lycra and soft Velcro. They can be bought individually – the cap costing US$85 and the support aids costing $55 for two – or as a set for $135.

This is a lot more affordable than any sensory deprivation (or isolation) tank, including the Zen Float Tent we have previously featured.

The video below shows Float in action, helping to keep the test subject suspended in water without her having to exert any physical or mental energy.

Source: Float via BlessThisStuff

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Fall asleep, rollover and drown?

Bob Flint

Fall asleep, wake up with severe sunburn?

James Gattis

@ Bob Flint Why would you roll over? it is not like you will be suffering from pressure points. @ James Gattis spf 75 sunblock.


mass produce, Awesome for Phys Therapy patients, etc IE VA cases etc. For meditation For every large pool nationwide & for EU.

Stephen Russell

Why not buy 2 waterwings, strap them to your legs, then carve up some pool noodles for a helmet all for less than $20 bucks? I just don't get how someone pays $135 for this.


I was intrigued by this.. and wanted to try it before I forked over the cash. ($30, no brainer, $135, ouch...)

Turns out you can do the same thing with a kids life jacket and a noodle or two. I put a life jacket on my head, and got the added benefit of having left over material for a sunshade. Started with two noodles, and then switched to one.

Felt safe and comfortable. Was a little worried my kids would sneak up and cannon ball me. Falling asleep could lead to a sunburn. I didn't turn off the filter or use earplugs, but that might help. Would also be a relaxing way to listen to audible books.

Brad Lowe

It may be cheaper, but it doesn't serve the same purpose as an isolation tank. You still see light, still hear noise and the water is cooler than body temperature. You won't get "total relaxation of body and mind." Might as well just buy one of those floating chaise lounges.


I prefer floating like this in a bathtub. Very relaxing except for that noisy heartbeat but I wouldn't want to get so relaxed that I didn't hear it.

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