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FlipCase keeps your laptop or tablet at the ready


June 26, 2014

The Flipcase looks like a regular shoulder bag, but can be flipped in seconds so you can u...

The Flipcase looks like a regular shoulder bag, but can be flipped in seconds so you can use your laptop or tablet while you're standing (Photo: Ben Coxworth/Gizmag)

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At CE Week in New York, Pennsylvania-based startup Flipcase International is displaying new, patented designs for laptop and tablet cases. They look like regular shoulder bags, but can also be quickly "flipped out" in a matter of seconds, allowing you to use your device much more comfortably even as you're standing.

The tablet case makes use of special hooks and a multi-purpose platform that holds the device in place, but also lets you rotate it by 360 degrees to freely switch from portrait to landscape mode. The platform can be extended out or removed altogether from the case for tabletop use, thanks to a convenient kickstand on its back.

A second kickstand on the outside of the case allows you to use the tablet in the same tabletop configuration without removing the platform. The case also includes a storage pocket and a security strap that you can use to hold a keyboard.

The tablet sits on a multipurpose platform that can swivel by 360 degrees to switch from p...

As for the laptop version, it comes with two pockets specifically designed for storing pens, phones, paperwork and power cords. A laptop is secured by four corner straps which, according to the company, still grant full access to all of the laptop's ports and drives. The shoulder strap features an anti-slip, curved pad for added comfort.

The cases are made out of durable and lightweight nylon material. The tablet cases are designed specifically for iPad and Microsoft Surface and are priced at US$79.99, while the laptop cases come in three sizes. There's the Mini for 11.6-in Macbooks or netbooks, the Ultra for laptops in the 13.4-14-in range, and the Standard for 15.6-in laptops, with prices ranging from $69.99 to $79.99, depending on size.

You can watch a short demo in the video below.

Source: Flipcase International

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I think that is great for times one wants to use ones computer but there no flat surfaces to use it on.

27th June, 2014 @ 06:28 am PDT

Nice idea - a little pricey. Need to make one to fit the 17" laptops.

27th June, 2014 @ 01:42 pm PDT
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