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Fling - a joystick for your iPad


March 14, 2011

The Fling is an analog joystick that can be attached to the screen of an iPad, for better control when gaming

The Fling is an analog joystick that can be attached to the screen of an iPad, for better control when gaming

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Although it's pretty impressive how the screen content of an iPad can be manipulated entirely by touchscreen, one need look no farther than the popularity of Bluetooth keypads to see that sometimes users want separate physical controls. Now gamers-on-the-go can buy gizmos that allow them to play their iPad-based games in a way that offers much more control than simply sliding their finger back and forth on glass – the latest of these tablet joysticks to cross our desk is Ten One Design's Fling.

The Fling sticks onto the iPad screen over top of a game's virtual joystick, via built-in suction cups. While the self-centering joystick itself is aluminum, most of the rest of the device is made from transparent resin, allowing it to be minimally intrusive when viewing the screen.

To use the device, a player simply sticks it in place and starts ... joysticking. A second Fling can be added for the other thumb, to achieve the full "gaming system" effect.

The device is available through the Ten One website, for a price of US$19.95 for one, or $29.94 for two.

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\"the popularity of Bluetooth keypads\" - practically non-existent.


seems to impose a bit on the screen......


These accessories has been so common nowadays, it is in fact mostly used by most iPad gamer addicts. It is very easy to use and portable and leaves no scratches at all. On the other hand Bluetooth keypads seems not so popular this way, specially in gaming.

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