The five best PlayStation Vita games


March 14, 2012

Super Stardust Delta makes our top 5 PlayStation Vita games list

Super Stardust Delta makes our top 5 PlayStation Vita games list

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If our gushing review of the Vita has you ready to drop some cash, but you're not sure what games to get, read on for our selection of the five best launch titles for the PlayStation Vita.

WipeOut 2048

The futuristic racing game (which we first saw 17 years ago on the original PlayStation) is better than ever - gorgeous graphics, plenty of content, an incredible sense of speed and cross-platform play with WipeOut HD on the PlayStation 3.

Rayman Origins

An utterly charming 2D platformer that kids and adults alike will fall in love with. The bright and beautiful graphics are a perfect showcase for the Vita's OLED screen. Sadly lacking the multiplayer aspect of its console counterparts.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

The latest installment of Capcom's series of crossover fighting games is a sight to behold on the Vita, featuring more characters than you could master in a lifetime, and controlling beautifully whether you prefer a directional pad or an analog stick.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss

The critically-acclaimed action/adventure series makes the leap from the PlayStation 3, and lands surprisingly intact (apart from the missing multiplayer).

Super Stardust Delta

This hectic twin-stick shooter feels right at home on the Vita. It's fiercely addictive stuff - the kind of thing you'll find yourself playing at 3am, having one last crack at your high score.

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