Fitted Fashion using 3D scanners to make custom-fit jeans


November 9, 2011

Fitted Fashion is a new business that proposes to take clients' measurements using 3D body scanners, and then make custom-fit jeans for them

Fitted Fashion is a new business that proposes to take clients' measurements using 3D body scanners, and then make custom-fit jeans for them

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By now, you may be familiar with body-scanning systems that take peoples' measurements, so those people know what size of clothes to shop for. Such systems include the recently-launched Bodymetrics, along with the more-established Intellifit. Well, startup company Fitted Fashion is taking the concept a step farther. Not only would each client get scanned to obtain their precise measurements, but the company would then make each client one or more pairs of custom-fit jeans, and mail those to their home.

The idea behind the business is that people will go to either a Fitted Fashion store or a partner location, where they will go through a digital tailoring process - co-founder Jamal Motlagh told us that it takes about three minutes, with the scan itself taking only about 30 seconds. Fitted Fashion uses already-existing 3D scanning booths, made by tech company [TC]2. Using white light, these devices capture over 400 measurements of a client's entire body.

Once the company has a client's data, it will be run through custom software, to create clothing patterns - for now, Fitted Fashion is sticking to jeans. Along the way, clients can stipulate variables such as style, rise, tightness and wash. The jeans will then be cut and sewn at a central facility, and mailed to the client. Should clients want other items of clothing down the road, their measurements will still be on file.

So far, Fitted Fashion will be creating its own line of jeans, called Acustom. In the future, however, Motlagh hopes to partner with major brands and retailers. Deals with suit and swimwear labels are currently in the works.

It all sounds very well and good, but ... couldn't you just get a tailor to do the same thing? According to Jamal, his system would be much quicker, more accurate, and less expensive. He is planning on Acustom jeans not costing much more than high-end off-the-rack jeans - around US$160 to $180 a pair.

The first Fitted Fashion design studio should be opening early next year, in New York City's Soho district.

"Our goal is to revolutionize custom fit," said Motlagh. "And to become a platform to enable your favorite  brands and designers to make custom clothes specifically for you."

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\"Honey do these make my butt look fat?\" comes to mind here

Bill Bennett

One word: men\'s shirts.

You buy a few pairs of jeans.

You buy a number of shirts.

If you buy custom dress shirts, or have off the rack shirts tailored, custom-fitted in the $75 - $100 range would be attractive.

I suit up maybe 2 times per month. At any given time, I own 2 really nice shirts.

I\'m good to buy more for more regular wear, and willing to pay a bit to get exactly what I want, fit and feature wise.

Albert Sudonim

I don\'t buy dress shirts, i don\'t buy dress pants, I haven\'t worn a suit in decades...I only wear hawaiian shirts and jeans, and perhaps khakis. That\'s it...why need to wear anything else? And $160 for a pair of jeans? Uh...NO that\'s just stupid!


Price is still WAY TOO HIGH !!!!! It won\'t be long, though before that prices comes down significantly. It will be interesting to see the FIT. Just because my body is scanned and measured ... and even though I could stipulate certain preferences ... height of rise, amount of ease, etc. DOESN\'T mean the end product will fit me the way I want it to AND what if the end product doesn\'t fit -- I don\'t like it .. do I still have to buy it? Can I return them?


This great, buying all your jeans taylor made over the web is the future. It is even the present, I bought a pair of bootcut sanded stylish jeans, I got it from and they are awsome. Buying over the web is economic, I would have never found this at that price in a shop.

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