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Fits.me virtual fitting room: say goodbye to clothing size mishaps


July 21, 2010

Fits.me lets you choose the size that suits you best from the comfort of home

Fits.me lets you choose the size that suits you best from the comfort of home

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If you’re like me, the idea of clothes shopping – let alone having to try on multiple sizes of shirts in a tiny dressing room – is downright tedious and a waste of my precious time. So you’ll understand my interest in the Fits.me virtual fitting room. It’s an online changing room where you simply enter your sizing statistics and a robotic mannequin models how various sizes will look on your torso – all from the comfort of your own home.

The Fits.me is a sizing solution developed for online retailers. By providing an online dressing room, it aims to help customers make more informed decisions about their online purchases, increase customer satisfaction and maybe reduce purchase returns due to incorrect sizing.

The customer enters their body measurements – chest, waist, height, arm length and torso type. Then the robotic mannequin proceeds to adjust to the exact size and shape of the customer. Now all that is left to do is to choose a size from small to extra extra large. The customer then sees photos of the mannequin modeling the various sizes of clothing. A front and side view and arm length information is also included. Want a shirt to fit more snugly around the chest? Decrease the shirt size and see what happens. Indulged a little too much lately? Increase the waist measurement and see how that sweater looks now.

At this stage, the Fits.me system is only available for men, but a female fitting room is expected soon. Could this signal the end of strangers taking your inner leg measurement? See Fits.me to try out the virtual fitting room.


So, all I have to do is get measured by a tailor, to get my exact measurements, THEN I could use this virtual fitting room, IF the websites I shop at, DECIDE to use this software AND incorporate it into their website. Sounds good on the consumers end though.


Why not have some sort of Virtual Avatar (not the movie) 3D version of oneself, everybody could get one done by taking a few posed webcam shots and entering some measurements, or even going to a special scanning booth in a clothes shop to create one. Then just virtually cloth your virtual self, by picking items from a website. The bonus is that your face, head shape, hair etc will be visible. Also clothes that you have previously bought from different sites (which are all linked to your virtual self) can be pulled from the 'virtual wardrobe' and you can style, mix and match all day long. With advances in technology these virtual models could soon be so realistic that they are indistinguishable from yourself. Maybe Mirrors could become video screens which, when you look into them, will allow you to view a full 3D version of yourself! :D ..Now if only I had the brains and financial backing to do this.. oh well.

Arwel Rowlands
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