First images: Husqvarna 900


June 13, 2011

The new bikes have been designed by Raffaele Zaccagnini

The new bikes have been designed by Raffaele Zaccagnini

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Three distant shots of a disguised prototype have emerged as the latest evidence that longtime dirt bike manufacturer Husqvarna is to begin building road bikes.

We've previously covered the rumors and first sketches of the bike from BMW-owned Husqvarna, but these are the first images yet seen of the naked streetfighter which will use a new 900cc version of the Rotax parallel twin used by BMW.

The new Husqy is expected to be shown publicly for the first time at the EICMA motorcycle fair in Milan later this year, and there may be several other variants on the theme as Husqvarna and BMW seek to extract maximum value from the apparently wickedly precise new motor.


3 pictures weren\'t enough. I love the computer on the back seat.

Michael Mantion

Not surprisingly, a few bits look like they\'re borrowed from BMW F800 series: R swing-arm, GS-based frame, R/S/ST-based engine (more upright cylinders than R/S/ST), S wheels and disks.

Pity they didn\'t use the beautiful swing-arm from the S/ST (how many road riders change final drive ratios anyway).

They\'ll need to change the right hand engine cover before hitting the market LOL.


Does it run like a sewing machine or like a chainsaw? ;) Husqvarna also makes those.

Gregg Eshelman
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