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Fez II: One of 2012's most innovative games to get sequel


June 14, 2013

From the Fez II reveal trailer

From the Fez II reveal trailer

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Polytron Corporation has announced it is to develop Fez II, the sequel to Fez, one of the most innovative video games of 2012, and runner up as Gizmag's game of the year last year.

Next to nothing is known about the sequel, except that Disasterpeace will return to compose the soundtrack. It sounds as though the electronic musician has already chipped in with the soundtrack to the Fez II teaser trailer, posted to Vimeo on Thursday.

His soundtrack proved the perfect complement to Fez's charming cutesy pixel art graphics, a counterpoint to one of the most fiendish puzzle games ever devised (the solutions to which were more or less completely ungooglable). What appeared to begin a simple 2D platformer was quickly revealed to be but one side of a rotatable cuboid world (or, rather, worlds).

Fez screenshot

Judging from the comments on the Polytron Corporation website and the Vimeo video page, the announcement is making waves among gamers who presumably will be simultaneously hoping for more of the same (a beautiful and perplexing game), and something completely new, not to mention another dimension-busting ending.

The caption to the Fez II trailer reveals nothing whatsoever: "coming to ???? in ????" Gizmag assumes this means that the release year and platforms it will appear on are yet to be confirmed.

Fez first launched for Xbox 360 in April of last year. A Windows version was released May 1 of this year. Linux and OS X releases are expected.

The announcement trailer is below.

Source: Polytron Corporation

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