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Feligan PowerBrick aims to be the one device to power them all


May 22, 2012

Feligan claims its PowerBrick universal charger is compatible with over 10,000 devices

Feligan claims its PowerBrick universal charger is compatible with over 10,000 devices

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The dramatic increase in the number of devices finding their way into people’s homes has made the humble electrical outlet hot property, with all manner of power-hungry hardware and proprietary port-packing mobile gizmos clamoring for attention. The PowerBrick universal charger from Feligan aims to be your one-stop electricity outlet by virtue of its ability to simultaneously power 11 devices.

The lower front of the PowerBrick - which is aptly named as it is roughly the same size as a housebrick - boasts two 10 W USB ports for larger mobile devices, such as tablets, and two universal 1,500 W sockets for more power intensive household gadgets that Feligan claims will take plugs from any country. However, options for plugging the PowerBrick into the wall are slightly more limiting with the choice of Italian, Sschuko, Swiss, UK and US cords.

Meanwhile, on the top of the device are six customizable connectors to accommodate Micro USB or proprietary connectors for just about any mobile device from any manufacturer (Feligan claims compatibility with over 10,000 devices). Each of the these customizable connector cords is also retractable, allowing the device to be used while it is charging or so the connectors sit neatly along the top of the PowerBrick when not in use. The plugs can also be swapped out and replaced at a later date if you update to a different device after purchasing the PowerBrick.

Previously available in black or white for €69 (US$88), Feligan has just announced the availability of leather-coated PowerBricks in a variety of colors. However, that extra touch of class will set you back €150 (US$192).

Source: Feligan

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The price is really good, and if someone is fancy why not buying it in leather. They key benefit is that you don't need God-only-knows-how-many devices to charge other devices.


Pure nonsense ,,,if the bigest players simply meet to agree on a universal power charging unit of say hmmm 12 v then the small fries would follow

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