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Galeria window transforms into a balcony


July 25, 2012

FAKRO's Galeria is a window that converts to a balcony

FAKRO's Galeria is a window that converts to a balcony

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While an upstairs balcony is a nice feature for any home, adding one to an existing house can be pretty involved, and thus pricey. Now, there’s a simpler solution – a window that converts into a balcony ... of sorts.

Manufactured by Polish window company FAKRO, the Galeria balcony window is designed to be installed in a home’s sloping roof – this limits it to use in attic rooms, with a roof angle of 35 to 55 degrees.

The window is divided into an upper and lower sash. The upper sash opens upward to a 45-degree angle, locking in place and forming the roof of the balcony. The lower sash opens forward, also locking in position to become the equivalent of the balcony’s front wall. As it opens, railing-like side barriers slide out on either side – these are concealed when the window is closed.

Unlike a “real” balcony, of course, users can’t walk out onto it and sit down in a lawn chair while enjoying being completely outside. For people who are content with standing out in the fresh air or sitting half-inside, half-outside, however, it looks like an interesting idea.

There is no word on price.

Source: FAKRO via World Architecture News

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They do say imitation is a form of flattery. I wonder if Velux will feel that way as they have been supplying a product almost identical to this for well over a decade.

Spheric Red

This is why I read Gizmag. Every once in a while some really wonderful idea comes along that puts a smile on my face.

Paul van Dinther

Hm, not to spoil the story, but a product looking suspiciously similar (down to the details like the little side handrails) has been made by the Danish company Velux for more than ten years and sold all over Europe. The Velux version of this is named "Cabrio Balcony GDL". Maybe their patent ran out, and now the design can be copied by others.


I am trying to think of a reason not to like this. But i can't.. GJ.

Michael Mantion

My late Father was an architect, this window-skylight has been around for years from Velux for lofts, I have one.

Bill Bennett

I was gonna say, I remember looking at these in the Netherlands in about 1993 or so....

Chris Maresca

That balcony shes standing in the same room looks like two sky lights back to back.


yes, i heard about these when i read velux's product line years ago, they are very well known and identical in appearance.

Antony Stewart
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