Eye Scope gives iPhones an 8x zoom lens


January 3, 2011

The Eye Scope is an 8x optical zoom lens for use with iPhone cameras (Photo: Firebox)

The Eye Scope is an 8x optical zoom lens for use with iPhone cameras (Photo: Firebox)

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We’ve already seen lenses for mobile phone cameras that allow users to take macro or wide-angle photographs. Now, iPhone 3G/3GS owners can extend the capabilities of their camera phones even further, by adding on an Eye Scope 8x optical zoom lens. Given the way every little shake of the hands would show up when zoomed in that far, it even comes with its own mini tripod.

To get around the difficulty of trying to thread such a lens directly onto the iPhone itself, the Eye Scope also includes a phone cover with a portal designed specifically for receiving the lens. The cover pops onto the front of the phone, the lens screws into the cover, then the whole shebang can mounted on the tripod via an included clamp.

The Eye Scope has field view of 246 meters (807 feet), with a minimum focus distance of 3 meters (10 feet). It’s available from online retailer Firebox for GBP29.99 (about US$46).

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