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1:1 mega-model of Aston Martin DBR1 up for auction


August 9, 2012

Evanta Motor Co. has breathed new life into the Aston Martin classic DBR1 with a stunning ...

Evanta Motor Co. has breathed new life into the Aston Martin classic DBR1 with a stunning replica of the 1959 Le Mans winning vehicle (Image: Richard Pardon)

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Britain's Evanta Motor Co. has paid tribute to the iconic Aston Martin DBR1 with a unique replica of the 1959 Le Mans winning vehicle. This isn't your average replica though - the parts are laid out on a gigantic AirFix-style frame that measures 6.35 meters (20.8 ft) wide and 3.30 meters (10.8 ft) tall.

During 1956 Aston Martin built five DBR1s, with Roy Salvadori and Carrol Shelby taking victory at Le Mans in 1959. The race car returned to the Circuit de la Sarthe in France on 18-20 June 2012 as part of a tribute to these two legendary drivers, who both sadly passed away this year.

While the original vehicle boasts an estimated value in excess of £7million (approximately US$11 million), the hand-made 1:1 scale model is being sold by Bonhams at the Goodwood Revival (14-16 September) with the auction price guide expected to be around £25,000 (US$39,150).

A special 1:1 scale model replica is set to go to auction during the Goodwood Revival week...

The tribute DBR1 replica includes:

  • Four 16 inch Aston Martin wire wheels shod in Dunlop race tires, fitted with Aston Martin three eared spinners
  • "Mota Lita" 15 inch wood rimmed Aston Martin steering wheel
  • A pair of race seats authentic to the Aston Martin weave material with leather bound headrest
  • A machined aluminum gear knob and gear lever
  • Full dashboard finished in textured satin black and assembled using Smiths gauges and period switches
  • A replica of the Le Mans trophy
  • An Aston Martin cap, signed by both drivers Salvardori and Shelby (supplied with authentication of the signatures plus pictures of both drivers signing it)

For those who want to get their hands on a road going DBR1 re-creation, Evanta Motor Co. makes replicas with prices starting from £42,500 + VAT (US$65,767). The company has built 17 to date.

“We are able to supply this model as either a bare rolling shell or a road legal completed car,” says Evanta.

Each DBR1 is hand built and can be remodeled to suit customer specifications. The replica features a bespoke tubular space frame chassis, limited slip differential, adjustable coil over suspension and all round disc brakes. The lightweight racer is also fitted with a bespoke aluminum fuel tank, header tank and radiator, with original spec Lucas lights and dash equipment offering an authentic vintage finish. Engine and gearbox options are flexible, but the Aston Martin DBS straight six has been a popular choice according to Evanta.

You can check out the original DBR1 in the Aston Martin tribute video below.

Sources: Evanta Motor Co., Aston Martin and Goodwood Revival via Autoblog

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"...with original spec Lucas lights..."

Now if they were George Lucas lights... twin lightsaber beams cutting the darkness - and the competition. ;)

Gregg Eshelman
10th August, 2012 @ 05:08 pm PDT

Now, if only you could manage to put the thing together without getting glue on the windshield!

10th August, 2012 @ 11:48 pm PDT
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