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North Face Etip gloves for touch screens


January 6, 2010

Etip gloves with X-Static tips (Photo: North Face)

Etip gloves with X-Static tips (Photo: North Face)

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You are in a freezing cold condition with a thick glove on. How do you use your touch screen GPS, touch screen phone or a touch screen media player without taking your gloves off? Well, you can if you are wearing the new North Face Etip gloves. They feature the company’s "X-Static" fabric on the tips of the thumbs and index fingers which allows you to operate any touch-screen device, without having to take them off.

X-Static fabric has a layer of all natural pure silver permanently bonded to the fiber face. It is bonded to a high-tech looking circuit pattern on the palms which is actually made from slip resistant silicone, providing an extra bit of grip so you don’t accidentally drop your touch screen toys. Etip also features a waterproof shell, protective enough to repel rain or snow but breathable enough to allow moisture from the hand to escape to the surface for evaporation; and a stretch-fit liner for a precise fit against the hand inside. The X-Static fabric inhibits the growth of bacteria, and helps manage moisture and regulate temperature, allowing the user to stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

The gloves are made of stretchable, comfortable fleece material, come in four sizes and are available only in black. The gloves are priced at USD40 and is available in all North Face direct outlets and outdoor gear retailers.


Do you have any recommendations on where to purchase the etip\'s? I am not trying to sound snotty, but The North Face has been sold out of them for about 3 years.

Michael Crane

I wish these didn\'t look so stupid. I have a pair because being able to use my iPhone without taking off gloves and freezing is great. However, I\'m always a little self conscious wearing them because they have the most ridiculous pattern on them. I see now that perhaps the pattern on the palm has a purpose and it is nice that it gives you a little grip (still unnecessary design). The worst is on the top side they have the embroidered North Face logo by your wrist which looks nice but then on the index finger there is a stupid power symbol decoration in silver the extends down to your knuckle. Just tacky.

I\'d like to be able to wear these to work with a warm wool coat but it\'s annoying feeling like a character in Tron or some futuristic 80\'s movie when I\'m dressed nicely. It\'d be great if they were just nice black gloves with the finger tips.

Eric Duey

@Michael A. Crane

the Agloves are still for sale : http://www.gizmag.com/agloves-touchscreen-gloves/16807/?utm_source=Gizmag Subscribers&utm_campaign=4b071b88bb-UA-2235360-4&utm_medium=email

Harry van Trotsenburg
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