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The Eris spherical watch - planetary in name and nature


July 14, 2009

The spherical Eris watch

The spherical Eris watch

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While time itself is becoming an increasingly valuable commodity in today’s hustle and bustle world, there is certainly no shortage of innovative timepieces to help us keep track of it. Inspired by the recently discovered dwarf planet Eris, this example does away with the conventional two dimensional approach to timekeeping, instead using a globe design featuring “floating” hands that glide around the “equator” of the watch.

Designed by students of Geneva’s School of Applied Arts, two rotating hands protrude from within the center of the spherical watch - a white hour hand and an orange minute hand, representing the lower and upper hemispheres respectively.

Manufacturer Pierre Junod has incorporated a Swiss quartz movement inside, as well as mineral glass and anodized aluminum for the outside of the 1.3 inches diameter sphere.

The watches are sold with a rubber strap for hanging around the neck and for those not keen on taking that fashion step, these unique timepieces could also be used as a pocket watch or even desk accessory.

The planetary sphere watches are retailing in late July for around USD$450 at Watchismo.

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