Epic staircase incorporates cinema, library, and playroom


April 17, 2013

The staircase of Panorama House is large and multifunctional, going above and beyond its main function

The staircase of Panorama House is large and multifunctional, going above and beyond its main function

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The architects responsible for the Panorama House have made a staircase of epic proportions that acts as a functional centerpiece of the house. The staircase serves as a multifunctional hub, not only providing a way to get from downstairs A to upstairs B, but forming a central element of the house's library, cinema, and play area.

Designed by Moon Hoon, the Panorama House is located in Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea, and while the whole building is magnificent, it's the staircase that really stands out. It is gargantuan, with the stairs themselves representing just a small part of the structure (as can be seen in the gallery). Those heading down to the lower floors can take the stairs or use the slide instead, with kids and adults alike invited to experience the latter.

The individual steps provide storage space for books, while the space underneath the staircase itself is used as an office, with plenty of room for a desk and chair. Last but not least in this staircase's box of tricks are the seating areas which the family who reside in the house can use while watching films projected on the back wall.

Now if Moon had only incorporated an elevator into the design …

Source: Moon Hoon via Contemporist

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Not so great for us wheelchair users!! (or parents with prams, or old people, or...)


I like it but I don't want to get up off the floor after taking the slide, and I want a hand rail on the stairs.

re; Bushpossum

Stairs are everywhere get used to it.



Takes up a huge amount of room on two floors, and you get an uncomfortable place to watch a movie, less storage than two convention rooms could offer, and an 'office' with kids of all ages stomping. sliding and playing games/movies just above your head with no sound barrier at all!

Mark the day Slowburn I actually agree with you on one point! If you are going to have a slide it stops two steps up - small kids will get the hang of it sooner or later!


I love it, i can remember somewhat when i was a kid and i know this would have been a cool place to play and spend time, i think its really good for a house that has children, but not so much for an adult only house.

Also while they made the stairs very functional i noticed how huge the stairs is and how much room it takes compared to normal stairs. Also i couldnt imagine sitting somewhere watching a 2h+ movie that didnt have back rests. You would need to put some chairs there or lay down on something(ok for children). All in all i really like it when people create areas in a house that goes against traditional uses, and people get creative about the kinda spaces that they want to occupy rather then creating the status quo and never using rooms/areas.


The second picture in the image gallery shows that you can put your choice of sitting implements on the floor above the bookshelves.


@Bushpossum - I'm not sure that there is a staircase in existence that is totally, agreeably useable by the people you mentioned.

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