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Green Energy - wind turbines in action
 Photo courtesy of PPM Energy (via Intel)

January 30, 2008 Technology giant Intel has announced it will purchase more than 1.3 billion kilowatt hours a year of renewable energy certificates, making it the single-largest corporate purchaser of green power in the US. The decision is part of a Intel's multi-faceted approach to reduce impact on the environment, and places the company at the top of the EPA's Green Power Partners latest Green Power Partners Top 25 list.  Read More

Energy Island sketch

January 29, 2008 Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion uses the temperature difference between surface and deep-sea water to generate electricity – and though it has an efficiency of just 1-3% - researchers believe an OTEC power plant could deliver up to 250MW of clean power, equivalent to one eighth of a large nuclear power plant, or one quarter of an average fossil fuel power plant. Architect and engineer Dominic Michaelis and his son Alex, along with Trevor Cooper-Chadwick of Southampton University are developing the concept with plans of putting the theory to the test on an unprecedented scale by building a floating, hexagonal Energy Island that will harness energy from OTEC, as well as from winds, sea currents, waves, and the sun.  Read More

Unibind Green PhotoBook

January 23, 2008 The Unibind range of DIY photo albums from Peleman Industries now incorporates Green PhotoBooks in an effort to make capturing your special moments a little more sustainable. The new environmentally-friendly PhotoBooks are made from natural and recycled materials with covers comprised of cotton-flax.  Read More

Low cost, nano-based solar cell from GE

January 22, 2008 GE Global Research, has demonstrated a scalable silicon nanowire-based solar cell, which has the potential to achieve up to 18% efficiency. The breakthrough by the lab’s Nano Photovoltaics (PV) team is a promising new development in making PV systems more economically viable for consumers than conventional solar options.  Read More

The 435 panel, 75.6 kW solar array sits on land owned by N.C. State University

January 17, 2007 In more recent news from the solar power arena, the education sector is leading the charge towards clean power in North Carolina with NC State University operating the largest private solar power system in the State. The US$605,000 system was bankrolled by Richard Harkrader, owner of Durham-based Carolina Solar Energy, making it the largest privately financed solar photovoltaic (PV) array in North Carolina.  Read More

Over one-third of the Sierra Nevada Brewery's power will be solar

January 17, 2008 The environmentally conscious Sierra Nevada Brewery in California is taking steps to become partially powered by the sun. A 1.3 megawatt solar system is being installed at the Chico plant in two phases and will provide 34% of the brewery’s power.  Read More

Nano Flakes promise greater solar energy efficiency

December 20, 2007 The inefficiency of solar cells in converting the sun’s rays into electricity is a key contributor to the high costs of solar energy, but new research into a novel shape of semiconductor nanostructures known as "nano flakes" may revolutionize the process and help improve the viability of clean energy derived from the sun.  Read More

Hunton Energy announces plans for clean energy plant

December 20, 2007 Finding new ways to capture environmentally harmful emissions and use them to generate power is a positive step in the effort to slow global warming. The latest news from this arena comes from Hunton Energy, which has announced plans to build and operate a Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) plant at Dow’s Oyster Creek Facility on the Texas Gulf Coast which will capture 100 percent of its own CO2 emissions, using turbines to produce additional power from its byproduct steam.  Read More

Ausra's Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector

December 18, 2007 The sunshine-rich state of Nevada is set to be home to the first US manufacturing plant for solar thermal power systems. The 130,000-square-foot, highly automated manufacturing and distribution center will produce the reflectors, towers and absorber tubes needed to create and run solar thermal plants, doubling worldwide output of key components for Ausra Inc’s solar thermal power plant technology and creating “green collar” jobs in the process.  Read More

A WorldWater supplied PV System at the  1mW Cerro Cosa Community College system in Califor...

December 17, 2007 A new three MW commercial solar farm is being proposed in Spain as part of a larger plan to build plants capable of supplying 130 MW of energy over five years.  Read More

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