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Ground-breaking research finds way to convert CO2 into clean-burning biofuel

By - April 19, 2009 1 Picture
Scientists at the Singapore-based Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN) have made an unprecedented breakthrough in transforming carbon dioxide, a common greenhouse gas, into methanol, a widely used form of industrial feedstock and clean-burning biofuel. Using "organocatalysts", researchers activated carbon dioxide in a mild and non-toxic process to produce the more useful chemical compound. Read More
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TGE technology generates electricity using temperatures as low as 150°F

By - April 10, 2009 1 Picture
Until now, most systems that use heat to generate electricity have only been economical on a scale greater than 1MW using high temperatures, but the technology behind a range of appliances from Ener-G-Rotors allows the generation of electricity from waste water using much lower temperatures. Specifically designed for industrial customers to fit into hazardous environments, the patented Trochoidal Gear Engine (TGE) technology converts waste heat to electricity by way of a simple expander used in an organic Rankine cycle. Read More
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Researchers claim 'First economical process' for making biodiesel fuel from algae

By - April 8, 2009 1 Picture
While there are plenty of alternative fuel prospects floating around, a key factor in the widespread adoption of such fuels is whether or not they are economical. That is why a team of New York based researchers are so excited by their development of what they have termed ‘the first economical, eco-friendly process to convert algae oil into biodiesel fuel’ – a discovery they predict could one day lead to U.S. independence from petroleum as a fuel. Read More
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Abu Dhabi’s five-star hotel to feature GROW wind and solar technology

By - April 6, 2009 6 Pictures
The winning design from Leeser Architects for this visually stunning five star hotel in Abu Dhabi maximizes the use of natural resources in a spiraling design that makes use of natural light and coastal air along with an exterior clad with polyethylene GROW panels to harness solar and wind power. Poised on the edge of the Persian Gulf, the (aptly named) Helix Hotel will feature a helical floor space which wraps unevenly around a central void. Guests will be able to look up at, and down on, various public areas, including the rooftop deck with a glass-bottomed swimming pool. Read More
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Fish oils fed to flatulent cows could reduce greenhouse gas emissions

By - April 6, 2009 1 Picture
Omega 3 fatty acids in fish oils have many documented benefits to humans including the reduction of cholesterol, but what of the benefits to animals and the environment in general? While assisting the heart and circulatory system in animals and improving the meat quality in cattle, it is also, according to researchers at the University College Dublin beneficial in reducing methane levels from flatulence when added to the diet of cattle, meaning it's also good for the environment. Read More
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Is your sunscreen damaging the environment?

By - March 31, 2009 1 Picture
Your sunscreen might be preventing damage to your skin, but it may also be causing untold damage to the environment. A study carried out by scientists in Ohio has reported that nanoparticles now being added to cosmetics, sunscreens, and hundreds of other personal care products may be harmful to the environment by negatively affecting beneficial bacteria. Read More
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Green bleach is good for hair

By - March 29, 2009 1 Picture
March 30, 2009 It's not the first area that springs to mind when you think "green research", but a natural alternative to regular hair bleach may have been discovered. For everyone who consistently bleaches their hair with hydrogen peroxide, risking the healthy sheen of the hair is just part and parcel. However, Japanese scientists have come up with a possible alternative that could achieve the same result without the damage. Read More
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Wind Powered car sets new world record at 126mph

By - March 29, 2009 6 Pictures
With a wind speed of just 30mph (48kmh), British engineer Richard Jenkins has set a new land speed record for a wind-powered vehicle at blistering 126.1mph. Driving the Ecotricity sponsored all carbon fiber land yacht Greenbird across the Ivanpah dry lake bed on the Nevada / California border Jenkins eclipsed the previous benchmark set a decade ago by American Bob Schumacher by almost 10 mph. It also continued a the rivalry between Britain and the United States for setting speed records that dates to the 1920s, when Sir Malcolm Campbell set several records on land and sea. Read More
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3D coating promises greater solar cell efficiency

By - March 25, 2009 2 Pictures
Solar power from photovoltaic cells are widely recognized as an integral part of a clean green future, and any development that can make these cells more efficient, no matter how small, assists in making this future a reality. A team of researchers at Georgia Tech have developed a surface treatment that boosts the light absorption of silicon photovoltaic cells by trapping light in three-dimensional structures and by making the surfaces self cleaning. Read More

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