Elex Pipe takes circuit building off the board

Though we use all manner of electronic gadgetry every day, few of us know what makes them tick. Learning about electronics and programming can be tough though and, let's face it, a little dry. A number of startups have made efforts to spice the learning process up recently – making use of robots, modules and micro labs to make experimentation fun and accessible. The latest to join the crowd is Mad Tatu with a circuit building system that rises up from the table top for 3D projects that look like a crazy plumber has turned his hand to teaching. Read More

Review: Yolk's Solar Paper lets you plug into the sun

When we covered the Solar Paper Kickstarter campaign last year, the team shot for the moon but ended up reaching the sun. At the close of funding, the solar charger project had raised an impressive one million dollars in pledges from an almost 6,300 backers. Does Solar Paper live up to all the hype and energy? The team sent us a unit, to find out.Read More

Tiny lasers on silicon means big things for electronics

Silicon forms the basis of everything from solar cells to the integrated circuits at the heart of our modern electronic gadgets. However the laser, one of the most ubiquitous of all electronic devices today, has long been one component unable to be successfully replicated in this material. Now researchers have found a way to create microscopically-small lasers directly from silicon, unlocking the possibilities of direct integration of photonics on silicon and taking a significant step towards light-based computersRead More

Hourglass concept flips liquid flow battery design on its head

A team of researchers at MIT has developed a prototype liquid flow battery that doesn't require a pump system, making production and operation simpler and less costly. With an hourglass design, its angle can be adjusted in order to change the rate of flow, and therefore the rate of energy production.Read More

E Ink shows its true colors with new display

E Ink is proving itself to be a versatile technology, showing up not just in eReaders but in traffic signs, clocks, wall panels and even shoes. But one thing the reflective display technology has always had trouble with is color. The workaround for a long time has been the use of color filter arrays (CFA), but the range and richness of those is limited. Now the company has unveiled Advanced Color ePaper (ACeP), which it promises will bring the full color gamut to its screens.Read More

Spintronics closer as scientists find new method for generating spin currents

The emerging technology of spintronics, which utilizes the spin of electrons to store and manipulate data, promises devices that are faster and more energy efficient than conventional electronics, but a major obstacle has been how to effectively generate the spin current in the first place. Now, scientists have formulated a new method for quickly creating currents using ultra short laser pulses.Read More


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