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Electrolux Rendez-Vous: the kitchen table becomes the table kitchen


May 27, 2009

Electrolux Rendez-Vous concept interactive table

Electrolux Rendez-Vous concept interactive table

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May 27, 2009 Sharing food with family and friends around the dining table is a universal recipe for a good time, unless of course you are stuck in the kitchen cooking. Electrolux Global Design has come up with a way for everyone to be included in the celebrations with the Rendez-Vous - a concept interactive table with a high-tech kitchen built-in, and it will even charge your mobile phone.

The key to this concept design is its "energy shield" top which would transmit power wirelessly to any electrical appliance, so there's no need to plug in your blender, toaster, or your mobile phone. The top also integrates an inductive cooking system across its whole surface that uses sensors to detect where a pan is placed so that any part of the table can become a hot-plate.

Below deck there's modular drawers and provision for kitchen appliances like a stove or refrigerator and a "virtual chef" that provides cooking supervision on the go completes the futuristic design package.

Though there's no plans to develop them, Electrolx says that the technology to produce the concepts exists today.

We're not sure whether we will be turning the kitchen into a spare bedroom just yet, but put it outdoors and this concept would make the ultimate BBQ.

Via: Electrolux.

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I agree, we need these now! This is an excellent idea that will change kitchens forever!

Will Lavallee
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