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All-electric Tron Lightcycle hits the streets


September 21, 2011

All-Electric Lightcycle (Screenshot from Parker Brothers video)

All-Electric Lightcycle (Screenshot from Parker Brothers video)

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Practicality tends to take a back seat when you combine sci-fi cult status with custom chopper building - and there's no room for a pillion passenger on the Lightcycle. We first spied Parker Brothers Choppers Lightcycle project last year when it surfaced in gas-powered form, now the company has released video of a fully-electric version of the neon-packing two-wheeler in action. The electric motor may be quieter, but this one's still guaranteed to turn heads.

The Lightcycle is based on the conveyance from 2010's Tron: Legacy and in its latest real-world form it has undergone extensive body reworking as well as getting a 96 volt electric motor and lithium ion battery pack. Parker Brothers quotes an (impressive if true) top speed of "in excess of 100 mph" and a range of 100 miles on a single charge with 35 minute recharge times.

There's no word yet on pricing or availability of All Electric Lightcycle, but the Suzuki V-twin driven model is still being sold through Hammacher Schlemmer for an asking price of US$55K.

You might not find yourself lane-splitting or scraping the pegs while astride this beast, but - at least until landspeeders hit the market - you'll be hard pressed to find a more radical 21st century ride.

Source: Parker Brothers Choppers

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Cool looking though...

Now... let's see you guys build the monocycle from Venus Wars... :)



Carlos Grados

The bike form akira would be less stressful on the neck not to mention more cool


As much as the rider in me thinks this is completely useless ... the geek in me loves it. What I like more than anything is having the balls to build it.

Jeff Rosati

Least practical bike of the year, no contest! When styling overpowers everything else!

Tord Eriksson

VERY cool .. but . .they really ought to be up-front about the video .. it is obviously comp-graphics .. tho very high quality .. suggesting the bike doesn\'t yet exist in reality..


nice one!

Yhpar CamiƱa

Amazing!!The future is now!!

Ivan Krajc


Nils Tvengsberg

The first time you see one live it will probably have its tires stuffed with \'cargo\'.


It\'s street legal (I wouldn\'t ride it in NYC), not really practical and looks to be hard on the User. But, it\'s definetily cool looking.

Facebook User

Seems dangerous to me. Lean into a turn and the tire could loose traction because of the sticking out pseudo wheels. Probably limited to 15mph street turns. Street legal? I thought motorcycles had to have a windscreen.

Still, it is cool. And making the hollow wheels an electric system, the lights and all is quite an accomplishment for a bike shop.

No glowing suit? :(


I\'d go for one of the various \'Batpods\' that have been made over this. It\'s the giant tires, you see. :p

Charles Gaines

I would rather have heard - or not heard - the sound of the bike and some descriptive audio than the over-loud music...


great overall aesthetic execution, but I can\'t say I\'m impressed with the whole real tire hidden under a fake tire looking shell motif.

Please check out my Akira Bike Project http://www.matus1976.com/akira_bike/welcome.htm


I ride. This bike will be very uncomfortable to ride, and clumsy. The rider was having trouble balancing. because the rider has to ride it like a second skin, his body mass will have much less to do with the steering of the bike, and he will have less control. Cool to look at, but a pain to ride.


What a crazy design, it has nil rider protection, nil weather protection and as far as I can see it cannot be made street legal (lights and licence plate are just two issues and how does one fix a puncture?) A DECENT step-through motorcycle is yet to be made and this surely is the way forward as step-thrus protect ones hard to replace knees and legs. The German Maicoletta was quite a good tool in its day especially when ported. It was let down by its dodgy pendulum starter and vibey engine. A 70 to 80 mph cruise was possible but the rear tyre life could be just a few weeks of commuting. (Having to park so that the part of the tyre showing canvas is against the tarmac is a real pain when ones pay-cheque is weeks away) In actual fact turbo-diesel cars are less expensive to run than motorcycles as they are all shaft drive.


Buy a second hand Aprilia Enjoy for $300. Add $200 lithium and $50 controller and enjoy. The future is now.


Having a swappable solar battery/charging unit would save the owner a lot of fuel expense and keep the air clean. Having a collapsible solar charger in the side pocket will allow an instant charge wherever there is sunshine.

We are seeing solar companies couple with electric vehicle producers. Which ones will step up and partner with this one?

They would might also do themselves well by checking into the new self balancing technologies being offered by some bike producers.


As [people have said. \"Dangerous. Clumsy. Difficult to ride.\" But it looks great, and thus will sell if they can find the right price-point.

Humans have seldom made safety their 1st (or 2nd or even 3rd) concern in any activity.

Charles Barnard

I have designed and built bikes from scratch - AND I think this bike would be a great ride at 200+ Kmh.

BUT - just like having an itch you have to scratch - I am really thinking - I would really like to ride this - especially IF it had the FULL RADIUS tyres... instead of the faired wide tyres.

I think it would be the most incredible thing to ride in the world - brecause of that unique aspect.

Probably a total pig in bumper to bumper traffic tho.

Mr Stiffy

loved the bike not the crap music


\"Having a swappable solar battery/charging unit would save the owner a lot of fuel expense and keep the air clean. Having a collapsible solar charger in the side pocket will allow an instant charge wherever there is sunshine\" Not quite true. the swappable batteries still nust be charged by something. Solar is clean but very slow with small panels. And if you are charging from a grid fed system, you are still burning fossil fuels, just second hand, AND batteries of all sorts can be very pricey. It would be best, IMO, if it used battery packs that can use Cambraige Crude as a fast, solar charded, exchangable fuel.


The bike does look cool, but I agree with Mindbreaker...it\'s just not a full effect without the suit.

Beginning Biker

Very cool looking, but it needs a few technical adjustments to make it a safe ride at higher speeds. They try to stick with the concept bike from the movie, but I think that the wheels are too wide and the windshield is a necessity. It would also help to have some indentations on the sides in which the legs could fit. This way it would make the bike more aerodynamic and it would also protect the biker.

Ciprian Pacurar

Looks awesome, but...

All the hot chicks that this thing is going to attract, where do they ride?


I still want to see the hubless racer that Kirk rode around on at the beginning of the new Star Trek

Forward Thinker

The man is just a much a part of the bike. Why isn\'t he wearing a lighted suit and helmet?

Philip Hurlston

how great is this

Jack Devereaux

kinda cool looking but needs to be redesigned so you can sit instead of lay down and it would be too dangerous to ride being that your vision is totally limited unless you have eyes in back of your head. if it\'s not gas powered it\'s not going to sell anyway


That has GOT TO BE hard on the balls!!

Chris Jennings

Go-ahead more then more!!!

Md Amir Hossain Shaheen

@Dee Misetz " I thought motorcycles had to have a windscreen" LOL have you ever seen a motorcycle before? Save for a few high end touring bikes, i'd say at least 90% of motorcycles don't come with a windscreen

Glen Larson

Not ONLY does that seem like the most impractical and uncomfortable design a motorcycle could possibly have, but it ALSO seems as if they sat down, looked at the traditional bike design (not exactly jam-packed with rider-safety features to begin with) and said, "Hmm... is there any way we can make this MORE deadly?" And then they did. But, hey, it looks like TRON! :-/

Frank Dana

If you've got $55K for a bike, I guess you can afford a chiropractor to go with it.

Brian Taylor
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