Eggasus: putting clean urban transport in an eggshell


July 2, 2012

The Eggasus is a three-wheeled electric vehicle fitted with an electric hub motor, enclosed cab, tinted windows, a seat, and instrument display panel

The Eggasus is a three-wheeled electric vehicle fitted with an electric hub motor, enclosed cab, tinted windows, a seat, and instrument display panel

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Fans of personal, futuristic eco cars have something to "eggcited" about with the arrival of Eggasus, which is slated for northern hemisphere fall launch in the US. The designers are currently taking orders of the cute, no-emissions three-wheeler, which recently made the finalist list of the Sierra Nevada Innovation Challenge.

Eggasus is designed for one person only, with the driver protected from the elements by an all-weather enclosure, which gives the vehicle its egg shape.Underneath the shell is a three-wheeled electric vehicle, fitted with an electric hub motor in the front wheel, enclosed cab, tinted windows, a seat, and instrument display panel.

It reaches a range of up to 50 miles (80.4 kilometers), with a top speed of 25 mph (40.23 km/h). Although it is basically a scooter with a retro-modernist swagger, the style-conscious driver won’t get soaked in rain or get the wind blowing on his or her face, but will likely attract looks from passers by.

The Eggasus team claims to have vast experience in specialty gas and electric vehicles, including designing and constructing cars for mainstream auto companies, as well as race cars.

They are pitching their Eggasus as a solution for people living in an increasingly congested and urbanized world, which suffers from air and noise pollution and a lack of parking spaces - the makers say twelve Eggasus vehicles will fit in one normal parking space. Besides urban travel, the designers claim the Eggasus would be perfect for intra-campus transportation and as a mobile advertising billboard.

Autonomous versions of the Eggasus are also on the drawing board and the development team is seeking partners to develop a system that would see the eggs forming trains via a wireless electronic “yoke.”

The team is tapping the power of social networking to get its project on the road. They are taking orders through social venture funding site Indiegogo and aim to begin production this year. Pre-production models come with a price tag of US$5,000 a piece. However, there are a few different purchasing options, with cheaper prices for a kit or the Eggasus shell alone, while those buying in bulk looking to sign on as a dealer will also get a discount rate.

The video below shows the Eggasus in action.

Source: Eggasus

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needs to show some cornering, braking and specs to be convincing....


Where's the video of it turning Eggasus? I'm sure we all want to see it handle at even 25 mph. At first I figured it's going to tip at even 25mph but maybe not, The top looks very thin and light and with batteries and a motor in the bottom it might just work. Maybe custom car builders or shelby could give it a cooler look or maybe an crowd sourced project would help. And rename it too.

The Hoff

Exactly what is needed to get people out of gas guzzlers and on to cycleways, urban streets etc. I hope the capsule is a safety cell of sorts and there is a seat belt option. Public transport (trains) are becoming so well utilized now it's getting tough to even get on one 5 miles from the CBD in peak periods. Bicycle numbers are increasing exponentially but the weather will always be an issue. I envisage other companies will want to get similar vehicles out there particularly from China.

The Stav

It looks like they just took a Rascal mobility scooter and slapped a shell on it. There's no way this thing is anywhere near street-legal in its current form. No turn signals or brake lights, no license plate, inadequate headlight, no seatbelt, no windshield wiper, among many other problems. The weather sealing on the curved door looks problematic and having a pillar right in the middle of the windshield would be distracting at best, unsafe at worst by impeding vision. It wouldn't be covered under federal NEV regulations because it lacks four wheels, so it couldn't be titled or registered for road use.

Pardon my skepticism, but if these guys are as accomplished as they claim, having "vast experience in specialty gas and electric vehicles, including designing and constructing cars for mainstream auto companies, as well as race cars," why won't they identify so much as one team member or any of their previous projects? You can't expect people to trust you if you won't provide any information whatsoever. The amateurish website also raises suspicions, not that a professionally-designed site is any guarantee of a good product.


This is in the usual American format of being too large, Needs to be lower since you don't need to stand in it. @ Gadgeteer...There's no way this thing is anywhere near street-legal ?? who said it needs to be street legal the idea is to do away with mixed modes of transport using the same space. Of course if these just replace cars in the same numbers then no doubt some form of control would have to be implemented. This concept has been showing up at motor shows for the past few years mostly touted by Toyota.


Well, my dear fellow designers, it's an electric wheelchair with a roof on it. Nothing unusual, nothing innovative, you can easily buy similar 'vehicles' since decades, though most of them admittedly have a slightly higher price tag. Will those who just cannot design please stop claiming being designers? It's bad for the trade.


My concern is a higher centre of gravity and managing in windy weather, it could topple over.

Dawar Saify

Looks like somebody pranking a Go-One Velomobile..

Gerard Gallagher

I already have two 3-wheel wheelchairs- an Electric Mobility and a Pride Legend. Now that I have "hot-rodded" my E.M.; I gotta get me an Eggasus eggshell for my P.L. ..... then Bonneville here I come for a new speed run!

Chris Jordan

This looks like one of those joke vehicles that someone made to see how all the "greenies" would slober over it. My grandma wouldn't be caught dead in that thing. These guys may have designed for the major car companies and presented this and gotten fired for it. (Deservedly so.) It looks stupid and it's a rolling death trap especially if it was on the streets with a real car. (even the mini cooper)


at $5,000.00, I guess one would not have to 'shell out' a lot for them. It seems like a modern version of the Scootacar.


In summer time, it's going to be a 3-wheeled, portable bake oven in most of the US.


Well put MontanaPhil. So it's usable for about 3 months out of the year. No A/C, I would imagine no heater. Not even much ventilation for the days you can drive it. No windshield wiper(s). Cargo room seems limited, but I imagine someone screwing baskets on the exterior. Will that compromise the shell?

It can't possibly stand up to a hit of any kind. A Smart Car could total it. Eggasus...should be Eggasauce. That's what's going to be inside after an accident.

It's not no emissions unless it's charged by a source that doesn't pollute. How long do the batteries last and what's the cost of replacement.


re; The Stav

This things a joke. If you want to get people out of their ICE powered vehicles find or build something that does same job better.


What a comfy looking chair... It's the only thing I like about this. And for the folks who think this is green, it's not. You use electricity that was generated by burning fossil fuels. Whether the emissions were generated at spot A or spot B, it doesn't make a tad of difference except for not smelling the tail-end of a vehicle.

Fretting Freddy the Ferret pressing the Fret
First it looks too tall. Why have all that material overhead as it just means more drag and more of a tendency to turn over sideways. Next, in many areas it would be a sauna or steam bath. Any design that fails to take into account cooling or heating has very limited appeal. So we have a proposed vehicle too large to be ridden on side walks and too slow to be allowed on many roads even in town much less highways. I think it is a flawed notion or at best a unit suited to very limited usage. Jim Sadler


You want to introduce a separate road system with all-new infrastructure just for these? Good luck with that. I'm sure communities all around the country have billions of dollars laying around to build new paths just for this thing to be driven on.


Where I live the wind howls at 80kmph for about 3 weeks and is strong the rest of the year. I won't be buying one, unless they are inflatable and I can put it on my porch for most of the year.


To add to the list of things people have pointed out, the wheels are really small there is very little ground clearance. This would hurt efficiency and it would be terrible with potholes etc.

But yeah, the center of gravity is also too high, the structure doesn't look sturdy enough to shield you at all in a crash (so wear a helmet), it has no windows that roll down to let out heat, and 3 wheeled ATV's in that configuration are illegal because they are unstable and this thing looks significantly worse.

A strong wind would blow it over. Who funds this stuff? It looks like it was designed by a 6th grade art student.

The driving position needs to reclining. Needs two wheels in front to be more stable in cornering. Then it would not only be efficient it would be fun to drive.

p.s. Don't forget about storage for at least 2 bags of groceries.

Billy Brooks

Take the $5,000 and use it for a down payment on a real car like the Honda Fit. A $219 29er mountain bike from Walmart would work better than this around town.


In light of Roberts’s ruling that the federal government can force us to buy products of its choosing, make room in your budget for an Eggasus...


Well this designer wasn't the first to build one of these.. try one out of over 1000..If you enter "enclosed electric scooters" as a google images search , you'll see more than youhave ever imagined, and yes, our little yellow egg is there too, but there'a a lot of other 2 and 3 wheel electric scooters out there.. And If you want to see some genuinely innovative microcars of the past, to present.. Check out this museum:

Doc Rock

@ Gadgeteer..What I am saying is if and when we see this type of transport it will be confined to cities where normal car traffic is banned. You obviously are not aware there are already places/cities that are banning traffic either based on emissions or size where a personal transport device would be valid. I do not favour the one shown but the concept will inevitably arrive in some form or other whether we like it or not. Mobility is the name of the game and when large vehicles grind to a halt with traffic jams people start looking for solutions.


This is the worst design I have ever seen, nobody is going to buy it, it looks inherently unstable, so what was the point?

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