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Edible Mist Machine offers a guilt-free flavor hit


June 10, 2014

The Edible Mist Machine uses a process described as ultrasonic vaporization to create more than 200 flavors

The Edible Mist Machine uses a process described as ultrasonic vaporization to create more than 200 flavors

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A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips – or so the saying goes. UK-based food inventor Charlie Harry Francis is looking to challenge the idea that the sensory delight offered by our favorite foods need live on in the form of bulging waistbands. He recently launched his Edible Mist Machine that is capable of producing inhalable mists, ranging in flavor from smoked bacon to apple pie.

According to Harris, his machine can produce more than 200 different flavors, which are emitted from the sphere and then sucked up through a straw. Other examples include candy floss, mango and chocolate, all of which are created through what he describes as ultrasonic vaporization. "The flavors are natural essences in a water solution," he tells Gizmag.

We've seen devices before which allow particular flavors to be enjoyed without the bothersome calories, such as the Le Whif chocolate inhaler and caffeine-carrying AeroShot Pure Energy. With its wide-ranging selection of mists, however, the Edible Mist Machine does appear a new frontier in guilt-free flavor consumption.

"I created a prototype for a friend who was running a workshop on flavors and neurogastronomy," says Harris. "The prototype was made out of a fish tank and some silly putty. Everyone seemed to love it and someone asked me to make a full sized one for their event, so I did."

The Edible Mist Machine is not yet available for purchase, but can be hired throughout the UK with prices starting at £650 (around US$1,100). While unlikely to displace the catering company at a wedding, the machine would certainly add some extra flavor to your typical social gathering.

"They're used at events as single stations for palate cleansers and single flavor hits," says Harris. "They can also be used as multiple machines for taste combos and flavor theming events, for example popcorn, candy floss and toffee apple mists for a fun fair."

You can see the machine in action in the video below.

Source: Lick Me I'm Delicious

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I have been adding vodka to my mist machine for when i get a bad head cold or the flu, it works great and clears the sinuses right up plus you get a good alcohol hit.


Disappointed there is NO 3D hologram with all that mist and LED's already there. Imagine the parties!!

Bob Flint

The question everybody wants to asks is, can you mist cannabis?


Shudder - a whole new universe of possibly carcinogenic materials to put into lungs, and future lawsuits to go with it all - not to mention the added problems of trying to prevent kids "upgrading" to narcotics etc after they're hooked on this...


LOL. This has been around for years. It's called an electronic cigarette or personal vaporizing device. There are no carcinogenic materials. It is PG or VG and food grade flavoring that gets converted to water vapor. Relatively harmless.

Kyle McHattie
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