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ECOXPRO Waterproof Speaker Case keeps smartphones dry, but not silent


June 11, 2012

The ECOXPRO Waterproof Speaker Case keeps smartphones safe from water, while playing their music library through a built-in speaker

The ECOXPRO Waterproof Speaker Case keeps smartphones safe from water, while playing their music library through a built-in speaker

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Many people like to listen to tunes when they’re at the pool or beach, which are both environments where electronic devices could potentially get wet. While waterproof music players do exist, lots of folks now use their smartphone as their own little personal stereo. That’s the reason for the existence of Grace Digital Audio’s ECOXPRO Waterproof Speaker Case. It houses the user’s smartphone – along with some other odds and ends – while playing its music library through a full-range three-inch front speaker.

The ECOXPRO is essentially a scaled-down version of Grace’s Eco Terra Boombox. Like that device, it is fully waterproof (submersible down to ten feet/three meters), and allows the user’s smartphone to be plugged into its own sound system. Whereas the Boombox is a biggish thing with two speakers, however, the ECOXPRO has a single speaker, and could easily fit inside a purse or backpack.

The universal fit Waterproof Speaker Case accommodates all standard-sized smartphones and MP3 players, and includes some extra room for stuff like keys, credit cards and whatnot. It is said to provide up to 30 hours of playback time on three AA batteries, and includes the obligatory carabiner clip, allowing it to dangle from things.

Should users not want to subject everyone at the pool/beach to their musical tastes, it also has a waterproof headphone jack. Should they drop it in the deep ocean – well, it floats. It is also impact-resistant, surviving drops from up to six feet (1.8 meters).

Another nice feature is its pressure release valve. When it comes time to retrieve one’s smartphone from inside the device, this can be used to release the vacuum that has built up inside, making it easier to open.

The ECOXPRO Waterproof Speaker Case is available now, for US$79.99


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If it had handsfree phone function as well it could be great. At least able to answer calls and use handsfree, but not too hard to use handsfree dialling to make calls as well.

Peter Verwey

Agree with Peter, it needs a mic on the outside.

David Anderton

I've had two of these for a couple years now. They work great but could be a bit louder and have a more robust latch system as the plastic latch can break with rough handling. I paid $49.99 on amazon. Its actually still available for that price under the "Grace Audio" brand on Amazon. This case is EXACTLY the same except for the branding on the front.

$80 for a existing $50 product? Really ECOXPRO...


I stand corrected, this is from the same company. Just an extra $30 for a headphone jack...

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