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December 10, 2007

The Ecosse Titanium Series

The Ecosse Titanium Series

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December 11, 2007 If you’re the kinda person that drives a Reventon, won’t tap on a laptop unless it’s a Luvaglio, and only sails Mangusta, then boy have we got the motorcycle for you! It’s called the Ecosse Titanium Series - so called because it sports the world’s first all-titanium frame. And from the 200-horsepower, 2150cc polished billet aluminum v-twin engine, to the MotoGP-spec Ohlins suspension, to the radially-mounted 6-piston billet ISR front brake calipers - with an individual brake pad for each of the 12 pistons - every detail screams "you can't afford me!" At USD$275,000 it's not cheap - but it does come with a free watch.

While the eye-watering power and lush handling of the Ecosse Titanium Series will stir the soul, the multi-adjustable riding position and gel seat ensure it's still an absolute luxury experience for the extremities. The brainchild of Colorado native Donald Atchison, this bike has been sculpted from billet, titanium and carbon fiber to be simply the most lavish experience on two wheels, with everything in excess and no compromises to be seen.

While the overall picture of this muscular American roadster might be a little crowded for some, the individual details are just mouth-watering.

Take a closer look at the Ecosse Titanium Series over at TheBikerGene.

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no thanks,,,,, the Ducati is a superior machine,,,,,,, 275 thousand dollars !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, makes me think if you buy one of these Ecosse machines you must have more money than sense


Nice too see titanium metal being put to such good use. As expensive as this maybe.

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