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EcoBoomer iGo joins the self-balancing electric unicycle parade


May 16, 2013

The EcoBoomer iGo cruising Beverly Hills

The EcoBoomer iGo cruising Beverly Hills

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It seems strange to be saying that there’s now another self-balancing electric unicycle on the market, but hey – that’s technology for you. Joining the likes of the eniCycle, Solowheel and SBU, we now have the LED-light-strip-adorned EcoBoomer iGo.

The 26-kg (57-lb) vehicle stays balanced on its 16-inch wheel via integrated gyroscopes, that detect and account for changes in the rider’s center of mass – these changes are detected mainly through the two folding footpads. As with a Segway, leaning into the handlebars causes it to move forward, pulling back causes it to stop, and turning is accomplished by leaning to either side.

Its 500-watt motor is powered by a 48-volt/8-Ah lithium-ion battery, that charges to full capacity in three hours. It has a range of 30 km (19 miles) per charge, and can manage a top speed of 21 km/h (13 mph) – given a hypothetical 73-kg (160-lb) rider. Its maximum payload is 115 kg (250 lb).

... and yes, it has strips of color-changing LEDs built into its body, that make it look rather Tron-like at night. It’s priced at US$1,595, and can be seen in action in the video below.

Source: EcoBoomer

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Looks like junk compared to a similar configuration from Ryno Motors, Portland, Oregon. http://rynomotors.com/

[Also see our article on the RYNO at http://www.gizmag.com/ryno-one-wheeled-scooter/20385/ - Ed.]

Phillip Noe

As an SBU owner, I observed something a bit disconcerting with this device. The handlebars are not needed, nor useful. They appear, however, as a means to capture the rider should the device pivot forward, preventing the rider from safely dismounting. Perhaps the bars are designed to break away easily or pull free, but I've had three unplanned dismounts with the SBU and all of them were stand-up landings. Not possible if there are handlebars in the way. A little too heavy for commuting too. I can get 12 miles at 10 mph average, with a top speed of 12 mph, so it's great for in-town errand running.


do they have dental insurance incase u need new front teeth?

Will Cee

The Enicycle is not even being produced which is much the shame as its the only one so far that sticks to Australia's mandated 15kph sidewalk speeds.

Phillip Noe may note the quadriple the price difference (projected) and the Ryno in fact not yet on the road anywhere.

I do have a design issue with the i-Go in that it spreads your legs out and should be shaped more like a motorcycle seat and tank where your knees come in to grip the vehicle as any motorcycle rider would know you can make steering adjustments with your knees locked and moving your body-weight which is exactly what i-Go are trying to achieve. Strange they did not take that route.

At last notice i-Go has now signed a US nationwide distribution deal.

Anne Yonimus

if u put enough gyros inside even an elephant can be balanced on a small needle. Why spend so much time & energy to re-invent the wheel instead of have 3 or 3 wheels ? Afterall this machine is not going to go on a very narrow goat trail ?

Jimbo Jim

There was an old Anime cartoon on TV way back. Where this walking, talking robot, when needed would turn into a single wheeled scooter for a little kid. Given enough time I believe it won't be a Sci Fi idea, but reality.


I'm not sure what's more troubling, that the "model" is wearing insulated Ugg boots in Los Angeles, on a sunny day, or that she is constantly dragging her feet on the ground... Either way, I hope this company didn't "bet the farm" on this device!

Timothy Stark

she looked scared on her way to the hotel to unstable.

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