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Duck Hunter: Remote control target practice


January 13, 2009

Duck Hunter: Remote control target practice

Duck Hunter: Remote control target practice

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January 13, 2008 Here's one that ducks will like - at least until the kids using it grow up and acquire shotguns. Duck Hunter is a small, free-flying remote control bird that comes with a toy handgun "blaster". Charge it, launch it and take aim. Three direct hits will knock it out of the sky.

The duck takes just 10 seconds to charge via a connection on the toy pistol which is "loaded" with two AA batteries. If you miss (and you need to be quite accurate), the duck will continue on its merry way until it hits a wall or runs out of puff.

Interactive Toy Concepts' Duck Hunter costs USD$30 and another version, which lets a second player control the duck to help it escape its fate, is in the pipe.

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