Ducati Monster Diesel launched


March 18, 2012

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The announcement of a Diesel Ducati might catch you by surprise, but only until you realize that the bike has spark plugs and the word Diesel refers to the Italian fashion brand which has been sponsoring the Ducati Team in MotoGP. The collaboration is bearing fruit straight up with an "urban military chic" version of the Ducati Monster 1100EVO.

The US$13,795 Monster Diesel gets a "Brave Green" matt color treatment with yellow front brake calipers, while just about everything else on the machine including the pipes is finished in "totalblack."

The passenger seat cover, exhaust system heat shields and dashboard cover are also new along with a personalized metal plate fixed on the passenger seat cover, but all of the key technical specs remain in-line with the standard Monster 1100EVO.

Both the bike and its accompanying apparel collection were launched on 15 March at the Diesel Store of New York at Soho.

Source: Ducati

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I have one goal in life now... To own this bike..

Michael Mantion

My brother ran a 50 CC moped with diesel oil as an experiment a long time ago. It ran fine but stopping it meant he had to ride it to a wall to stall the engine as ignition switch did not kill the ignition!

Henry Van Campa

Nice - until you drop / crash it.

Then your in the mince meat of the after market scam mark ups.

Mr Stiffy

While the Jap committees continue to sit on their butts,Ducati comes out with another beautiful work of functional art. Well done. Hopefully VW will keep their hands off and let them do what they do best. Hats off to Ducati!



i was all ready to be cheer for a mass produced diesel bike.

C. Walker Walker

Wonderful design, but those yellow things, brake callipers, that didn't have to be done.

Dawar Saify

Ah, no fair. diesel is deisel ( as in Rudolph ) isn't "Deisel" as in Vin, watches, the film, the clothing brand, Shaquille O'Neal , or anything else. Period.

Tom Sobieski

Tom. Ur wrong.... Unless of course it was an innocent typo.... Diesel is Diesel. (Sounds "Deesel")... (Deisel (Sounds "Diisel") is like calling Israel Isreal, or Rachael Racheal, Michael, Micheal etc... some people just think it is cute to switch the vowels not realising that they make a different sound....) but really all is not the same...

No reason why not to have performance stratified direct injection, compression ignition engines, after we have seen them win multiple LeMans Races. (though running on fully synthetic engineered fuel).


On more step down the road from "famous race bikes" to the dark corner of "boutique scooters" associated w/ faded, overpriced jeans. If it won't go, paint it a drab, flat color and put it in a store window. GM in LL


Ducati monster Diesel in Singapore -

Lee Yna
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