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Video road test: the 2010 Ducati 1198


June 16, 2010

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Be careful if you plan to watch this video at work; the Ducati 1198 is motorcycle lust distilled to its purest form. It packs 170 horsepower, weighs 171 kilograms and has a top speed in excess of 300 km/h – more or less standard figures for a road superbike in these blessed days, but as the king of the V-twins, the 1198 delivers an enormous wall of low-down grunt that its 4-cylinder competitors simply can't match. It's an impossibly gorgeous bike to look at, dripping in exotic sex appeal and high-class performance pedigree... but is it a highly-strung thoroughbred like Aprilia's brutal RSV4, a sportsbike your grandma could ride like Honda's Fireblade, or something in between? From the Ducati WSBK pit garage to the road, Loz Blain and Noel McKeegan roll-up the sleeves and put the flagship Ducati through its paces for the latest in our series of HD video motorcycle reviews.

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About the Author
Loz Blain Loz has been one of Gizmag's most versatile contributors since 2007. Joining the team as a motorcycle specialist, he has since covered everything from medical and military technology to aeronautics, music gear and historical artefacts. Since 2010 he's branched out into photography, video and audio production, and he remains the only Gizmag contributor willing to put his name to a sex toy review. A singer by night, he's often on the road with his a cappella band Suade. All articles by Loz Blain

Ohhh...the memories of living in Germany and managing 31 motorcycle dealerships. It was by far...the best job...I\'ve ever, ever, had!

It was almost...better than sex!

Facebook User

Graet video review. Really enjoyed it and the tongue in cheek commentary. Thanks.


OK so it does 300Kmh , which I think these days amounts to a long loss of license, jail time and a crushing of the bike.

Only carries one person and no luggage - which means it\'s useless..

It\'s a prick to ride in city traffic.

And it chews through really really expensive soft compound tyres really fast.

No thanks, I will grow a brain and get a 250cc Lambretta, that probably drags the Ducati off at the lights, carries 2 people and a heap of groceries, and threads through bumper to bumper traffic like a rat up a drain pipe, and won\'t go punch holes through cars at 280KMh, cause the driver didn\'t see the idiot coming in at warp speed.

Boy Racer bikes are for wankers.

Mr Stiffy

Mr Stiffy, Boy Racer bikes are for Boy Racers. EG those that take their bike to Phillip Island for track days and put them through their paces in race like conditions. It would be as easy to say a 250cc Lambretta is useless because it can\'t take corners at speed and on the straight it wont reach 280 and there is superfluous rear seating and luggage space. Pissy little scooters are for wankers.

All these new superbikes are making my Hayabusa seem a bit tame lately.


Translation .... Mr. Stiffy can\'t afford one!

What a beautiful bike! Ducati really knows how to make cycles... so sweet!

Bob Komarek

Great comments! Thanks for the laugh!


@ the Boi Racer Wanna Beez.

Naaaa I am smart enough to not waste $700 worth of tyres in 2 days.

And golly I assume your a dork Melbournite - going to Fillup Island - having to travel a few hundred K\'s just to be able to ride it - going around and around and around and around in biiiiig circles.....

How fun.

Oh look at me, I need to wear BRAND X clothing to make me look important, I need to ride BRAND Y bike, so I can kid myself I am superior.....

Mr Stiffy

You\'ve made some pretty bold statements there Mr Stiffy (great name!). Scooties definitely have their place (under women), but why would you even compare them with this weapon? Why would you even suggest it is a poor choice for a commuter? Is the Pope a mick? I\'ll even agree that Ducati seems to attract wankers but I\'d sooner ride with them than someone who bitches about a lovely bit of machinery that does what it is supposed to do better than most other bit of machinery designed to do the same thing.


mr Stiffy is allowed to have his point of view however wrong and biased it may be. He has obviously never felt the adrenaline rush as a sports bike takes off. There is very little info on a 250 Lambo, some were used as drag bikes but little else. As for outdragging the Ducati,,,,hawhawhawhaw !


Nice review once again. Particularly good part about the tractability of the engine and the lovely throttle response. I agree that it doesn\'t feel like it\'s fast, until you punch out of corners and leave your 4 cylinder mates to catch up. The 2 stroke like power of the 4\'s make you feel like you\'re on a demon having a holy water enema, as opposed to the brutal but well mannered power curve of a twin.

Mr Stiffy, I do believe you may have a bad case of jealousy. Remember that Envy is a sin and the bloke in Seven ended up on the wrong end of a clip. \"No thanks, I will grow a brain and get a 250cc Lambretta\" Keep us updated on the brain thing, we keep loose change in a wallet if you were wondering what you\'d do with it now.

Craig Jennings

I think Mr Stiffy is actually Mr Flaccid! I stay away from these bikes because they are just too intoxicating - I am learning to fly instead - but I still lust after them. I like scooters too though. So why not take your negative little attitude off somewhere else mate?


This road test video is really funny! \"Motorcycle porn\"! and \"to the uninititiated, the motor sounds as if it has pieces missing\"?!!! What a hoot! I really enjoyed this. The quality of the video was as good as the writing. And, oh yes, that bike is really something, too. 300kmh?.... not for us mere mortals.


@ Herd of Same Speak Boi Racers.....

A 250cc Lambretta will leave a Ducks Bum for dead at the lights, and shoot through and around traffic like a rocket.

While pea brained Boi Racer, who does 99% of it\'s riding on the daily commute, has to stay stuck in the can crush, because heeeee\'s super fast, goes around corners like it\'s on rails Ducks Bum, can\'t turn a corner under 100Kmh cause of the long wheel base and steering lock....

The petrol tank is the only thing that the Boi Racers ever get to rub it up against.

Haaaa Haaa LOSERS.

Mr Stiffy

Still working on that brain project I see

Craig Jennings

I rode my 1098 for about 6 months for my daily commute before I decided to buy another bike to commute on (it seemed a shame to put so many KMs on the 1098). It was easily the best bike for sneaking through traffic I have ever ridden, its extremely narrow, easy to balance, you only ever use first or second so its simple to keep a handle on things. The only issue is the long first gear, meaning you have to slip the clutch up to about 30km/h.

I\'m guessing that Mr Stiffy hasn\'t actually ever ridden a duc, or quite possibly even a bike, considering his comments, but I can tell you flat out that he is badly misinformed.


@ Drew: Yes the 250cc lambretta - it does hard right or left 90* turns at 2kmh...threads through the bumper to bumper traffic like a rat up a drain pipe....

And yet you can\'t even run your silly boy racer wank toy IN first gear....

Slipping the clutch for the first 10K in peak hour?

Fun, Fun, Fun....

Mr Stiffy
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