The DUBE takes an out-of-the-box approach to percussion


January 26, 2012

The DUBE is a specially-constructed wooden box that serves as a percussive musical instrument

The DUBE is a specially-constructed wooden box that serves as a percussive musical instrument

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If you're getting weary of trying to wrap your head around things like smartphones that answer questions, self-driving cars or microscopic machines, perhaps this might be more to your liking ... a wooden box. Well OK, the DUBE isn't just a wooden box. It's actually a percussive musical instrument, that caught our eyes and ears last week at NAMM.

The DUBE was created by British musician Dion Dublin. While it is at heart a wooden box, it's been tuned in its construction to offer up a range of tones when smacked by hand in different places - in that way, it's almost like a Trinidadian steel drum.

Resonance holes in the sides add to the acoustics, while an integrated interior microphone allows it to be paired with an amplifier or run straight into a recording program.

Practical considerations include a built-in carrying handle, rubber corner protectors, and an optional protective case for transportation.

The DUBE comes in four sizes, ranging from 9 to 18 inches (22.8 to 45.7 cm) - each model features its own range of tones. There are three colors to choose from, although buyers can supply the company with custom graphics and color schemes, if they wish to stand out.

Prices start at GBP157.45 (US$247), progressing up to GBP327.66 ($514). Stands appear to also be available, and a stage rack that can hold one DUBE of each size is reportedly in the works.

The instrument can be heard in the video below.

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These have been around forever. Its a traditional Latin instrument called a \"cajon\" (kah-HONE)

Jay Lloyd

Uh....these things have been around for maybe hundreds of years.

They're called a Cajon.

The creature comforts are nice though. Mic and handle are a nice touch.

Fred Raimondi

Big deal. It\'s a box that costs $250. Looks like the Pet Rock guy is back in business.

Clay Jones

How is this different from any of the myriad cajons that have been around forever?

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