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DTV Shredder stands up for off-roading


October 15, 2010

The DTV (Dual Tracked Vehicle) Shredder

The DTV (Dual Tracked Vehicle) Shredder

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Last year, we told you about a rather exciting-looking concept called the Scarpar Powerboard. It’s a skateboard-like powered vehicle that zips across all sorts of rough terrain at speeds of up to 60km/h (37mph) using front and rear tank-like tracks instead of wheels. It is currently expected to be commercially-available late this year or early next, but it now looks like it will have some competition. Twenty-one year-old Canadian Ben Gulak heads up BPG Werks, a company that is developing a vehicle called the DTV Shredder. Like the Scarpar, the Shredder is an all-terrain tracked vehicle that the rider stands on, like a skateboard – or in this case, a mini-tank. What sets it apart is its larger size, handlebars, and an in-development 48hp rotary combustion engine that should allow for a top speed of over 97km/h (60mph).

The Shredder has been in development for about a year, and is one of two projects Gulak is currently pursuing. He is also the inventor of the Uno, an electric unicycle-like motorcycle which we will be having a closer look at in coming days.

“We wanted to create a new powered sport vehicle that was small enough that you could put it in the trunk of your car,” he told us regarding the Shredder. “We wanted a very small platform that had all the same capabilities as an ATV or dirt bike, and that also was a crossover between power and extreme sports.”

The current running version of the Shredder weighs 72.6 kg (160 lbs) and has an 18hp engine that produces a top speed somewhere north of 48km/h (30mph). Although it’s been tested using a hand-held cable control, the production version will have a Jet-Ski-like handlebar. Gulak explained to us that this configuration allows users to hang onto the vehicle when it’s being bucked around, without having their feet fastened to it as on a snowboard.

The US military has shown some interest in the Shredder for possible use as a personnel transporter or medevac vehicle. It is capable of pulling a trailer, and could conceivably even drag a wounded soldier in a litter to safety. It can also be operated remotely with an RF controller, which would lend it to reconnaissance use.

Practical applications aside, for Gulak it really comes down to the fun factor.

“A big thing we’re trying to capture is the freedom you feel when you’re snowboarding or surfing or skateboarding, and the ability to move your body to control your direction,” he said. “It’s a really neat feeling that you only get by being in a standing position.”

BPG Werks is currently in negotiations with unnamed major manufacturers who are interested in producing both civilian and military versions of the Shredder. Gulak expects it to be commercially available within 12 to 18 months, for around US$3,500 to $4,000.

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Ben Coxworth An experienced freelance writer, videographer and television producer, Ben's interest in all forms of innovation is particularly fanatical when it comes to human-powered transportation, film-making gear, environmentally-friendly technologies and anything that's designed to go underwater. He lives in Edmonton, Alberta, where he spends a lot of time going over the handlebars of his mountain bike, hanging out in off-leash parks, and wishing the Pacific Ocean wasn't so far away. All articles by Ben Coxworth

This thing will give the word ´faceplant´ a whole new meaning. Maybe Mr. Gulak should contact NASA on how they developed a system of airbags to protect marslanders from shattering upon landing. That might work when a faceplant at 60mph is imminent.


Very nice picture, thanks for sharing.

Facebook User

Yeah you know, when I\'m out in the of the beyond, the one thing I hate is the peace and quiet. How wonderful it will be when 10 or 20 or 100 of these things are ripping across the landscape and through the woods.

I can\'t wait.


DAKOROMAN DIXIT: DTV Shredder and SEGWAY DO NOT HAVE A FUNCTION, it's absence can be noticed here - see Picture 5, or any of their video clips (it's all about INCREASED STABILITY and DEGREES OF FREEDOM). The lack of that function affects everything: design, functionability, construction materials, price, rider's safety, portability, etc. These type of machines can not be defined as "all terrain", just "some terrains". The good news: they can be improved with the help of DAKOROMAN SYSTEMS, if you email at dakoroman@yahoo.com

Dakoroman, Sydney

Everyone tries to show how practical their machines are. I guess that is our main excuse for making them. When the video shows the dummy being rescued - what do you do about the exhaust pipe pointing at his head?


I hope this doesn\'t take off. It will tear up the ground and scar the land much more than ATV\'s.

It\'s also super dangerous. At least you get a somewhat soft landing with Jet Skis.

Sterling Allan

Aptly named \"Shredder\" ...an environmental nightmare.


Doesn\'t seem to be capable of carving into turns, has limited suspension stroke, poor ergonomics forcing the rider to be constantly twisted. A skater or snowboarder only has to turn his head to look in direction of travel. An improvement would be to make it a mono-track with footholds either side maybe with a center castor to allow directional control with the handlebar, but that\'s so close to a snowmobile or dirtbike that its hardly worth bothering with.


More ways kids can kill themselves.

Ruth Butler

Ya, he is a mechanical genius and his stuff has cross-over value i.e., military, search and rescue and just plain fun. Keep going dude, and don\'t forget the GPS and maps bits. I know that l-ion batteries and electric motor are heavy but, I wonder if a little gearing trick could put all of the torque to good use (that or a torque converter).


Beautiful machine. Can\'t wait to get one.

Facebook User

so many technophobes? this is the coolest thing ihave ever seen! id trade my car in for one of these any day.

Vikram Vishwanath

Very Cool.... I can\'t wait to buy one.. If you think its dangerous, stay home !!


Jealous Much Dakoroman? As an \"other\" Australian I certainly wish you every success with your product even though I cant find picturs of it anywhere to see what it is let alone how good.

In the meantime DTV Shredder is in Factory production for distribution early 2012 and hopefully I\'ll be doing just that in Australia.

Gavin Greaves

epic idea would be cool for getting around campus imagine all the stares you would get.

sign me up for an electric city-urban model!! : )


To all the people whining about the people scarring the landscape with these...They are going to drive there anyways. Would you rather it be this or an Enduro motorcross motorcycle? Or worse yet, a Jeep Grand Cherokee? At least you know the riders of this ATV Seqway will not be hunting, since there is no place to carry the deer.

Sensii Miller
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