All-terrain DTV Shredder hits the market


February 6, 2013

The DTV Shredder can travel over practically any terrain courtesy of its two continuous molded rubber tank treads

The DTV Shredder can travel over practically any terrain courtesy of its two continuous molded rubber tank treads

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Those looking procure their own DTV Shredder are in luck. The DTV (Dual Tracked Vehicle) that first crossed our desks in 2010 is now available for purchase via the BPG Werks website and through various international distributors. And the price of being able to tear it up over practically any terrain (with the exception of public roads)? Between US$5,000 and $5,500.

The DTV Shredder’s all-terrain capabilities come courtesy of its two continuous molded rubber tank treads and 196 cc, 4-stroke engine generating 13 horsepower that propels the vehicle to speeds of up to 30 mph (48 km/h). Unfortunately for adrenalin junkies, this falls well short of the 48 hp and 60 mph (97 km/h) top speed being aimed for when we first covered the Shredder, but should still be enough to provide quite a thrill.

The hand-held cable control found on the early prototypes is gone, replaced by a twist grip throttle and handle-mounted brake lever. Similar to a skateboard, steering is accomplished by leaning on the pivoting foot platform, which independently alters the speed of each track. The pivoting handle provides the rider with extra balance and stability.

The one gallon (3.8 l) tank should be good for around 30 miles (48 km) or one hour of riding on tracks designed to power over just about any terrain – including deep powder snow. It also has a sealed carburetor that allows it to cross water of depths up to 10 inches (25 cm). The current model can carry a load of up to 300 lbs (136 kg) and a "work-horse Shredder" for carting heavier loads also in the pipeline.

The DTV Shredder is available in black, orange or grey. The wait continues for one of BPG Werks other creations that also caught our fancy back in 2010, the UNO.

Source: BPG Werks

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A lot of credit is owed to the stand up Jetski. Will off road motorcycles be the 'couches' of the forest? I will stick to my CRF450(dirt) and KTM SMT990(street) for plenty o' thrills. Would like to hear from riders though, but I would imagine the ride is a marriage of a snowmobile and a stand up Jetski.


Yeah, just what the world needs now: another noisy machine for obliviouts to use to tear up the environment.


Can't wait till one of these hits my favorite forest preserve. One person "shredding" will cause more damage than 500 hikers. It's well named.

Ed Atkeson

I love all the tree hugging environmentalists that think the way they use the forest is the only acceptable way. Not to mention that most of these people complain from their chair and rarely, if ever, actually go to a forest. Not saying that none of them enjoy the outdoors, just saying that a lot don't.

500 irresponsible hikers can damage the forest just as bad as any motorized vehicle.

The same rules that apply to snowmobiles, motorcycles, four wheelers, etc. also apply to this vehicle. One of those rules is that motorized vehicles are not allowed in a forest preserve except for use by forest service personnel.


roelfe - as chomper says, the day you leave your dorm and go outside you'll find that tracked vehicles in particular leave an extremely small footprint.

And somehow, with billions of years of volcanoes, floods, erosion, ice and earthquakes, we outdoors people think the earth is holding up pretty well to a few wheels.

Todd Dunning

I do see some value in this unfortunately-name Shredder for farmers and anyone who needs to do chores and land management. I wonder if they'll make some useful implements/accessories like snow plows, etc?

Oh, and just for kicks. let's give ol' chomper (see above) the benefit of the doubt and acknowledge that 500 of us tree-hugging environmentalist-hikers (what a delightful limbaughism) would somehow throw away all our beliefs to do as much damage as just 1 chomper on his Shredder. Even in that unlikely event, at least he won't be able to hear them despoiling his forest from a mile away. In fact, chomper, you'd hardly know we're there. Oh, I'm sorry, that's kinda scary for you, isn't it?

Fritz Menzel

could be better than alot of ATV Vehicles which tend to roll and crush many farmers. Could also put a car seat on it and wheelchair users could use it...

Gary McMurray

Looks like fun to rent for offroad use

Stephen Russell

Orthopedic surgeons will love this new piece of junk.


The thrill seekers who chafe at my post above don't wish to acknowledge it but one cannot be a good steward of the earth while pursuing short-term gains, i.e. adrenaline rushes, at the expense of the environment. I stand by my statement that machines such as these are designed solely for use by those who have callous disregard for the consequence of their destructive thrill-seeking. Wise -up, children! Acting responsibly does have its rewards, albeit long-term ones that are not easy for you to understand.

Robert Felker

Just for the record the larger the surface area of a tracked vehicle over wheels greatly decreases its impact on the surface its traveling over. Given the name shredder, not the best marketing move but from a physics stand point I would argue its less impact on the environment than a dirt bike and the price is reasonable given the complexity of a tracked system.

Jason Woods

i want one!


Perfect for people that do not respect the woods or nature.

Bob Komarek

I want one too, looks like a great way to run the river bottoms and do some bank fishing.

Denny Powers
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