DropShades: Sound-reactive sunglasses brighten up the party


June 7, 2013

DropShades are sound-reactive sunglasses with LED bars that pulsate in time to music

DropShades are sound-reactive sunglasses with LED bars that pulsate in time to music

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If you're the person at a party who likes to be noticed, then donning a pair of sunglasses which react to sound may be just what you've always wanted. Such a thing now exists, at least in prototype form, with DropShades taking the Kanye West-style shutter shades design and adding multi-colored LED lights to the equation.

DropShades are regular shutter shades with some basic tech added to make them dance. A microphone picks up sound (which, at a party, is likely to be loud music) and a signal processor translates that sound into a pulsing cascade of lights across the front of the sunglasses. This has the effect of turning your face into a walking graphic equalizer.

The creators of DropShades currently have a working prototype and have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds necessary to bring the glasses to market. A pair of DropShades will set you back US$30, but shipping is currently limited to the US and Canada.

The video below features the Kickstarter pitch for DropShades, with the prototype being tested at parties.

Source: DropShades on Kickstarter

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Cool! I can think of similar clothes to go with them?


Amazing that they actually pulse to the beat, my kids would love these!


These look awesome and I would totally wear them, but can you actually, ya know... see out of these?

Garrett Lajoie
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