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Drop Stop keeps items out of the black hole inside your car


April 2, 2013

The Drop Stop is designed to keep objects from falling into the gap between the side of a car's seat cushion and the center console

The Drop Stop is designed to keep objects from falling into the gap between the side of a car's seat cushion and the center console

Things like car-monitoring computers and 9-speed automatic transmissions are all very well and good, but sometimes it’s the simplest of innovations that are the most useful. If you’re tired of dropping your keys or other items down that stupid gap between the side of the seat cushion and the center console, then you might consider the Drop Stop to be such an item.

Marc Newburger, who co-invented the device with Jeffrey Simon, came up with the idea after nearly hitting a pedestrian while reaching for his phone – after it had fallen into that beside-the-seat gap.

The Drop Stop is essentially just a stuffed neoprene tube, that can be squished down between the cushion and the console on pretty much any make or model of vehicle. A reinforced slot in that tube allows the seat belt receptacle to stick through – that in turn keeps the Drop Stop “moored” to the seat, so it slides back and forth with it when the seat is adjusted.

The tube is a neutral black color, and can easily be removed and washed. A set of two (one for each front seat) will cost you US$19.99.

Source: Drop Stop via Shark Tank

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solved this problem a long time ago with foam and an old t-shirt.... now they want 20 dollars for it?


solved this using intelligence about 58 years ago, I call it being self aware.

Bill Bennett

I think it's a nice product. Some of us may make our own, but a lot more may not and surely some of these will buy one, if they know of the product and find value and price ok. Products like these - even if they are not from Apple, also create jobs.

Karsten Jensen

Pretty cool. I saw this on the "Sharks" TV show. Looks like they've finally made it.


I think the product is a nice idea. I actually made the purchase when it first came out on their website a few years ago (same price).

The space between my seats and console is not that wide. The item fit but was very tight in the gap. My electric seats had a difficult time moving forward/backward as the result of the tight 'obstruction'.

I removed the Drop Stop with plans to pass them onto my sister for her manual front seats. Unfortunately, some mice in my garage found them first and enjoyed chewing them apart to make their nests.

Occasionally, I drop my keys or a credit card down that space. All I do now is move the seat completely forward, and can easily grab the item from the rear seat area. And yes, I am surprised to find other little goodies as well such as coins, cheetoes, and french fries. :-)

Marco Corona

If I ever find myself needing a ride from someone who has one of those or a white cane in their car, I'll walk.

Dave B13

Great product. Just ordered a set. Our new Toyota Camry is a BEATCH if you drop anything down there! These drop stops will be a welcome addition to our new car!

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